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16 July 2012
The ultimate road-trip

Twenty-four year old student, Ahmad Mashadani has ended his study aboard placement in memorable style, after embarking on a 20,000km road trip on the back of his trustee 110cc scooter.

Male on motorbike

The journey will see the Business Management student travel through 21 countries, as he rides from The University of Nottingham’s Malaysia Campus to University Park in Nottingham.

Describing his motivation as a long held ambition to travel the world, coupled with his desire to raise money for the Red Cross, Ahmad admits that while the idea seemed daunting at first, he is now excited by the unpredictability of the trip.

He said: “I wanted to do the trip for the challenge it represents and the experiences I’m having along the road. The chance to drive anywhere, with the relative freedom of having the world’s road network in front of me, and experiencing things that other travellers might not, makes the concept of travelling by scooter very tempting.”

The trip was made possible after Malaysian motorcycle manufacturer Demak, provided Ahmad with a free scooter, while GIVI gave him the clothing and motorcycle accessories he required. Ever since, he has been going through the laborious task of sketching out a basic route and securing the necessary visas.

However, with the paperwork in place, Ahmad set off on 29th June armed with with messages of support from his fellow students and previous experience gained during a similar 4,000km trip through South and South East Asia. And he is excited about the potential help his adventure could provide to some of the world’s poorest people. He explained: “I choose to raise money for the Red Cross after having the privilege of meeting many people that have volunteered with the charity.

“The Red Cross has always been first on site following natural disasters, wars and other miserable conditions that people might suffer through, trying to help people regardless of the severity of those situations. Now I want to raise awareness of their actions, and the unselfishness of their volunteers, who often put their lives at risk to help others.”

Before setting off, he said: “Getting out of the routine of everyday life, the chance to experience things that few lucky others might have experienced before, and challenging my boundaries and understanding of others is what I am really looking forward to.

“Although it might sound strange, the need to complete this journey on a ‘student’ budget of just £1,000 is also something I am looking forward to. An element of unpredictability of how I am going to manage and if I am going manage, makes the whole trip that bit more exciting.” 

If you would like to follow Ahmad’s progress or sponsor his incredible journey, please visit his blog, donations site or facebook page.


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