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2 April 2014
Our 100 heroes revealed


The wait is finally over – the list of 100 University of Nottingham heroes nominated by our University community is here

Congratulations to all those heroes on the list and to the many hundreds of alumni, groups, staff and students who were also nominated in the categories Leaders and Champions, Unsung Heroes, Tutors and Lecturers, Clubs and Societies.

Our heroes form the centrepiece of a great new exhibition at the Portland Building celebrating the centenary of the Students’ Union  . You will be able to see the exhibition at May Fest this year but you’ll also be able to see it online.

Typical of those selected as heroes are staff members John Sheridan and Dr Gaby Neher and the SU fundraising organisation Karnival.

Dr Neher, a Lord Dearing Award winner for teaching in 2000, 2009 and 2013, leads projects within the Department of Art History, including Crop Up Gallery and the student mentoring scheme as well as lecturing in Venetian Renaissance Art and Art at the Tudor Courts, among others.

Here’s what some of those who nominated Dr Neher said about her:

“The most engaging and passionate lectures who brings her subject alive. She regularly sacrifices her time for students and does everything within her power to inspire and to forge bonds with her students. She works tirelessly for everyone else, she is definitely Nottingham's unsung hero.”

"I would like to nominate Dr Gabriele Neher as my hero. She is still the most inspiring tutor I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She gives so much of herself to her students and outside of university life, dedicates herself to the education of young children in local schools. “

“You could describe Gaby as a super women, she juggles so many different activities with in the university and all to benefit the students. She will bend over backwards to help any student in need and her office door is always open to anyone”

Similarly University of Nottingham Students Union football coach John Sheridan, known by thousands of students over the last 20 years, has been selected as a hero. His supporters described him in this way:

"Not only did he provide many of us with a leader at the football team but he also provided many great words of wisdom and advice that helped me though my university days.  I maintain that I would not have achieved what I did at University without the input of John Sheridan."

John Sheridan is a deserving Unsung Hero in recognition of his absolute dedication the University Football Club. My studies spanned 1995 - 1998 and John was already the club's established coach and leader. He had transformed the University Football Club from a group of lads who liked to play football to one of the more respected Clubs on Campus. His focus and guidance is immeasurable and is still evident at the club today as his service has now stretched beyond 20 years. I personally gained a lot from John as both a technical mentor and as an elder. He guided the club not only to improve our football ability but helped develop other skills within many individuals that we were able to take beyond the Football Club and into our careers.”

“He was dedicated and committed, taking training twice a week whilst attending two games a week. His enthusiasm, experience and humour added a great deal to the football club. Such was his impact that I still recall his smile and sharp wit to this very day. I know he is highly regarded with an immense amount of affection by all those whose path he crossed. "

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