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How selfish are you?

Us humans, we’re a pretty sociable bunch. It’s commonly believed that the human species has thrived in large part due to our ability to cooperate in groups and coordinate our actions to produce mutual benefits......more

Goodbye to an old friend – and hello to four BUCS finals!

It’s the end of an era at the University this month as we say goodbye to the University Park sports centre, which is being demolished to pave the way for our new £40m David Ross Sports Village – the future of sport at Nottingham......more

What does amazing mean to you?

How would you define an amazing person?

Perhaps it’s someone who dedicates their life to charitable causes, or who has risen to the top in their profession or field of work. Perhaps it is someone who has excelled through sporting or physical endeavours, or maybe it’s someone who works tirelessly, doing what they can to make life better for others......more

The Prince and I

Ever wondered what it would be like to meet HRH Prince William? For two alumni from our China Campus, this became reality at the British Council’s inaugural Education UK Alumni Awards held in Shanghai this month.  

His Royal Highness The Duke of Cambridge, met with award finalists on his historic first visit to China. This is also a first for the British Council, who created these awards to celebrate the vital contributions made by international alumni who have experienced a UK education and used their skills to benefit others in their home country......more

The Explosives Man – the incredible story of Brian Shaw

A quietened lecture theatre waited with anticipation as the professor carefully loaded a Crimean War musket, inserting a tallow candle into the barrel in place of a bullet. Taking aim, he fired, the force sending the candle through several thicknesses of plywood and breaking a brick in half – he had successfully demonstrated how gunpowder works as a propellant, and amazed the audience in the process......more

Out of their minds: Nottingham research used in thrilling ride that adapts to riders’ brain activity

Thrill seekers brave enough to test drive a new mixed-reality ride will only have themselves to blame if they find it a little too wild for their taste.

For the new attraction uses research from The University of Nottingham to adapt the experience to the rider’s own brain activity......more

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