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Enable my email forwarding service from The University of Nottingham

UPDATE: Our email forwarding services is no longer open to new users. If you need to make changes to an existing account (i.e. to amend the incoming/outgoing email address), please contact

Setting up your e-mail forwarding service:

Green Arrow button Tick the box below
Green Arrow button Provide an alias for your incoming e-mail address/'lifelong' e-mail address.
When creating a username, the University of Nottingham suggests using your first and last name separated by a period – e.g., "john.bloggs." If your user name is already in use, please try another one. We suggest placing a number after the names – e.g., "john.bloggs2."

Green Arrow button Provide an appropriate e-mail forwarding address.  We suggest you provide an address that you will reliably check.
Green Arrow button
 Click 'Update' to activate your new service.

Changing your e-mail forwarding service:

If you change e-mail provider you will need to update your forwarding address. 
Green Arrow button Update your forwarding address by entering the new address over the displayed address in the "Forwarding Address" text box.
Green Arrow button Click 'Update' to amend your service.


 PLEASE NOTE: To set up your 'E-mail for Life' you need to be logged on to Nottingham Online

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