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February 2011

28 February 2011 - Death of an eminent engineer
Sir Bernard Crossland (Mechanical Engineering 1943) has died, aged 87......more

28 February 2011 - Lecture to hear calls to ‘de-nationalise our data’
A provocative public figure who has played an influential role in the shaping of much of the Conservative Party’s thinking on IT will be leading the charge to de-nationalise our data during a public lecture later this month......more

22 February 2011 - Test Tube celebrates 300th video
Test Tube — an award winning video project which goes behind the scenes in the world of science — has just posted its 300th video......more

22 February 2011 - Use your Alumni Advantage to study for an MBA
There are plenty of reasons to return and resume your studies with us. You’ll already be familiar with the first-class learning that the University of Nottingham offers......more

21 February 2011 - Time travel at The University of Nottingham Museum
How hard is it to start a fire the Bronze Age way? The University of Nottingham’s Museum is offering visitors a unique chance to find out at a special event as part of the popular BBC series, ‘The History of Ancient Britain’. . . . more

17 February 2011 - Want to gain valuable graduate level work experience and get paid?
If you’re looking for a way to promote your skills and gain paid work experience then a Graduate Internship could offer you that opportunity.......more

17 February 2011 - Nottingham success in green technologies awards
Green technologies developed at The University of Nottingham have been recognised among the finest examples of new innovations aimed at reducing global warming and tackling climate change. . . ..more

16 February 2011 - Applicants put University of Nottingham in UK top three
The University of Nottingham is the third most popular university in the UK, according to latest application figures......more

16 February 2011 - Public lectures celebrate International Year of Chemistry
Have you ever wondered how many water molecules you need to dissolve salt? Do you know how to measure fragments of DNA......more

15 February 2011 - What is it really like living with breast cancer?
How can we explain the different ways women react to having breast cancer and what effect does it really have on their lives......more

14 February 2011 - Oncologist wins prestigious Goulstonian lectureship
A leading University of Nottingham cancer researcher and oncologist has been awarded the prestigious Goulstonian Lectureship for 2011 by the Royal College of Physicians, London.......more

11 February 2011 - Consumer trust in financial services slow to recover
Consumer trust in the UK’s finance institutions is struggling to recover in the wake of the financial crisis, with banks the least trusted of all, a new study has revealed......more

10 February 2011 - Could chocolate and oranges help prevent frailty in old age?
A study which hopes to establish the health benefits from cocoa and vitamin C is looking for volunteers......more

10 February 2011 - Light-speed developments in photonic crystal technology
European scientists and engineers are working together on the COPERNICUS project, developing cutting-edge photonic crystal technology that has the potential to make electronic devices much faster, smaller and more efficient......more

9 February 2011 - Scientist to tackle China’s ‘sinking cities’ problem
A University of Nottingham researcher has been awarded funding to help China prevent human disaster as some of its fastest-growing cities sink under the weight of towering skyscrapers......more

9 February 2011 - “UKIP poised for success as radical right party...”
In the recent Oldham by-election, the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) confirmed its status as the fourth largest party in British politics, ahead of the British National Party (BNP)......more

8 February 2011 - Ethiopian Minister visits The University of Nottingham
A delegation of senior Ethiopian diplomats — led by the Education Minister of the Ethiopian government, His Excellency Demeke Mekonnen — visited The University of Nottingham to meet staff and students......more

8 February 2011 - Expires Big business on the big screen
A season of thought-provoking films that explore the role social and ethical issues play in global business is coming to the big screen in Nottingham......more

7 February 2011 - More than a degree: 1000th student signs up to employability award
The 1000th student has now enrolled on the Nottingham Advantage Award, an initiative designed to help undergraduates boost their employability and get ahead in an ever more competitive job market......more

7 February 2011 - New centre will train industrial research leaders of tomorrow
A new specialist training centre at The University of Nottingham will help to keep the UK at the forefront of engineering excellence......more

4 February 2011 - The good, the bad and the ‘green’ — harnessing the potential of bacteria
A diverse family of bacteria that can cause a potentially fatal illness in humans but could offer a greener alternative to petrol to power our cars was the subject of a talk by a University of Nottingham academic at an international conference......more

4 February 2011 - New tool will help GPs monitor flu rates
As the number of winter flu cases continues to rise, GPs now have a new resource to call on — a web portal that allows them to compare their own flu rates and vaccination uptake with national levels......more

3 February 2011 - Top universities unite for success
The University of Birmingham and The University of Nottingham have announced a new framework for collaboration......more

3 February 2011 - Researchers to chart the highs and lows of public debates about climate change
Understanding how public attitudes to climate change have been shaped by discussions, debates and controversies is to be the focus of a new research project involving academics from the UK and the Netherlands......more

2 February 2011 - Changing lives... a decade of distance learning
It started with one student in December 2000 but since then has transformed the lives of hundreds of people across the country and worldwide, pioneering a new kind of higher education......more

2 February 2011 - Making batteries last longer in electric vehicles
A potentially ‘green’ energy storage device which will help to power electric transport has been officially launched at The University of Nottingham’s Malaysia Campus (UNMC)......more

1 February 2011 - New training centre to deliver next generation of world-class social scientists
The University of Nottingham is to lead the field in producing the next generation of world-class social scientists, after having been chosen as a prestigious centre for post-doctoral training......more

1 February 2011 - New Nottingham talent scheme builds on internship success
This year, candidates who have worked for an employer as interns will fill one third of all graduate jobs, according to the latest report from High Fliers Research, The Graduate Market in 2011......more

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