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March 2008

31 March 2008 - Friends of University Park have spring in their step

A series of special guided walks, tours and demonstrations will launch the new spring season for The Friends of University Park......more

28 March 2008 - World expert on Islam and the West in Nottingham
One of the world’s leading scholars of Islam and its relationship with the West delivered this year’s Firth Lectures in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at The University of Nottingham......more

27 March 2008 - Co-operation, punishment and revenge
Research from The University of Nottingham has shed new light on the way in which people co-operate for the common good — and what happens when they don’t......more

26 March 2008 - New steroid test uses oil exploration technique
It’s a technique that has previously been used for oil exploration — now researchers at The University of Nottingham have developed a new, highly sensitive, anti-doping steroid test using hydropyrolysis......more

25 March 2008 - President Elect of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Terence Stephenson, Professor of Child Health and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, at The University of Nottingham, has been elected as the next President of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health......more

20 March 2008 - First regional roadshow a fantastic success!
More than 70 people came out to see us at the University’s first ever regional roadshow in Cambridge......more

19 March 2008 - A University of Nottingham representative might be visiting your home
As some of you may know, staff within the International Office at the University help international applicants and offer holders in different countries across the world with any questions they may have about studying at The University of Nottingham......more

18 March 2008 - Lift-off for Space Academy
The UK's first Space Academy has blasted off on a mission to inspire thousands of young people — and encourage them to look skywards for a future career......more

17 March 2008 - Alumni Awards – who will you nominate?
We want to hear about those alumni who deserve to be recognized in the 2008 University of Nottingham Alumni Laureate Awards – nominations close at 5pm on 1st May......more

14 March 2008 - Curing addiction with cannabis medicines
Smokers trying to quit in the future could do it with the help of cannabis based medicines, according to research from The University of Nottingham......more

13 March 2008 - Hospitals still not smoke-free
Although smoke-free policies have been introduced at all NHS Hospital Trusts a study by researchers at The University of Nottingham has found that smoking is still prevalent, even by staff in uniform......more

12 March 2008 - Patients guiding stroke research
These days there’s a consumer group to fight our cause in almost every walk of life......more

11 March 2008 - Nottingham ranked in 2008 global elite
The University of Nottingham has again been confirmed in the intercontinental higher education elite, in global tables just published......more
10 March 2008 - Helping back pain sufferers to stay in work
New research to be carried out at The University of Nottingham could have a major impact on the way that people struggling with low back pain are helped to stay in work......more

9 March 2008 - MA in Hollywood Studies launched
The recent strike by Hollywood screenwriters threw some important questions into relief: who does the entertainment industry really depend upon to keep its business going......more

7 March 2008 - Engineering the world's fastest swimsuit
A highly specialised computer modelling technique developed by an alumnus at The University of Nottingham has been instrumental in the design of a revolutionary new swimsuit which is now being hailed as the fastest in the world......more

6 March 2008 - Million Metre Swim boost to CBTR total
Congratulations and thank-you to the Nottinghamshire swimmers who have raised more than £14,000 for the Children’s Brain Tumour Research centre......more

5 March 2008 - Observing sustainable tourism in Antarctica
“Antarctica is the ultimate destination for anyone interested in natural history but it also challenges those people who visit to think broadly about our responsibilities to all life on Earth......more

4 March 2008 - Starring role for film student
One of the film world’s most prestigious awards has been won by a student at The University of Nottingham......more

3 March 2008 - Smoking during pregnancy can put mums and babies at risk
Pregnant women who suffer from the high risk condition pre-eclampsia — which leads to the death of hundreds of babies every year — are putting the lives of their unborn children at significantly increased risk if they continue to smoke during pregnancy......more 


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