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Deaths and obituaries

With sadness the University records the deaths of the following alumni, staff and friends.

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Samual Rutherford, Geography
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Barbara Bloor, (née Chamberlain), Geography, 29 July 2006
Leslie Norfolk, Mechanical Engineering, 25 August 2006
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Philip Shaw, Chemistry, 6 April 2013
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Leonard Story, Chemistry, August 2008
Charles Warr, Pharmacy
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Prof William Davey, Chemistry, 7 January 2015
Ronald Downing Baker, English
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Ronald Gollin, Chemistry
John Tearle, Physics, June 2009
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Frank Chettle, Mathematics, 1 December 2010

During the war, Frank was a meteorological officer in the RAF and then bcame a maths teacher. He was a headteacher at Tapton House in Chesterfield, Derbyshire from 1959 until 1965 when he became headteacher at the County High School in Redditch, Worcestershire until retirement. After retirement, he had various part time jobs all linked to education.
The above obiturary was kindly supplied by Frank's daughter, Helen.

William Gregory, Chemistry, 2010
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Eric Dalgleish, Engineering, October 2008
John Dawes, Physics, 22 August 2007
Mary Fryer (née Cottrell), German, 2013
Arthur Heggs, English
Stanley Middleton, English, 25 July 2009
Jack Vennart, Physics, 14 May 2010
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Norman Labrum, Physics, 17 June 2011
Harry Smith, Chemistry, 10 December 2011
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Donald Ager, Geography, 28 July 2006
George Baines, Agriculture/Horticulture, 6 January 2014
Mary Brogan (née Halliday), Geography, 23 January 2012
Bernard Crossland, Mechanical Engineering, January 2011
Clifford Marsland, Pharmacy
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Lilian Brabben, 22 August 2012
Frank Cooper, Chemistry, 1997
Hilda Garrett, English
William Kenyon, Pharmacy, 22 September 2011
Andrew Marris, Physics, 7 September 2005
Kenneth Marsh, Chemistry
John Prentice, Geology, January 2006
Ivor Richmond, Physics
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Raymond Adlington, Physics
Patricia Lawton (née Randall), Geography, 14 November 2013
Alan MacDonald, Engineering, 2 October 2008

Ian Merry, Electrical Engineering/Engineering/C T, 18 April 2007

Ian William Merry was born at Ilkeston in 1926, the younger son of Scots parents, and he died at St Affrique, France, on 18 April 2007, just short of his 81st birthday.
Ian received his secondary education at Nottingham High School, and came up to University College, Nottingham in 1943. He specialised in Electrical Engineering and Electronics, graduating with the London external B.Sc.(Engineering) degree in 1945. But while at College, he also found time for 'cultural' activities, acting in Dram. Soc. productions and editing the Gong magazine. Another keen interest of his was music, as a violinist during his school years, and as a singer throughout his life.
After UCN Ian joined the Royal Navy where he served for two years as a commissioned offiicer. His next post was with the BBC Research Department, working on the magnetic recording of television signals, a technique then in its infancy. After four years there, he joined the London laboratory of Ferranti Ltd, taking part in the development of the Pegasus computer, one of the most innovative and successful computers of its day. One model is still exhibited and in working order at London's Science Museum. Ian's part in this work was mainly in the development of the magnetic drum store, the forerunner of today's 'hard discs'.
Later, he worked for several well-known companies, including IBM, Solartron, English Electric and ICL, and during the latter part of his career, was concerned with developing computer systems for foreign governments.
In 1947 Ian married his College friend, Rosemary Calder, and they had one daughter who is now a retired GP. They lived in Hampshire for much of their married life, but on 
Ian's retirement they moved to Suffolk to be nearer to other members of Rosemary's family.
Rosemary died in June 2004, and following her death, and despite looming health problems, Ian decided to go and live in the Aveyron region of France, an area  that he and Rosemary had found especially attractive. He found a house there in the village of Montlaur, near St Affrique, completely renovated it, and moved in late in 2005. He settled well there, making good friends, and went a long way towards recapturing the intellectual lifestyle of his younger days. It is sad that he was not able to enjoy it for longer.
Old friends remember Ian as 'clever, kind and good company'. In his own words, he had 'a wonderful life'.
The above obiturary was kindly supplied by Dr M Taub (Engineering 1945) and Ian's daughter.

James Parsons, Medicine, 2011
David William Petchey, Physics, 10 June 2013
Ida Sutton, History
Norman West, Pharmacy


Robert Anderson, Agriculture, 1 October 2007
Sheila Carson, Social Studies, 2009
George Clayton, Physics, 31 September 2013 
Peter Lambert, Agriculture/Horticulture, July 2013
John Pepper, Agriculture
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Sidney Brown, Physics
Edith Crompton, (née Ackroyd), Pharmacy, 28 December 2005
Kenneth Fellowes, Chemistry, 18 June 2011
Maurice Goldhill, Pharmacy
Thomas Heyes, Chemistry, 14 October 2009
George Irons, Physics, 17 May 2009
Kathleen (Joyce) Kent, (née Tahnay), English, 17 February 2006
Patricia Kimmons, English, November 2008
Thomas Martin, General Practice, 5 April 2008
Geoffrey Tibbs, Chemistry, January 2012
John Shaw, Chemistry, December 2012
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Herbert Eisner, Physics, 28 June 2011
Joseph Flower, Engineering
Shirley Hoskins, French, 31 December 2010
Anthony Charles Krarup, Civil Engineering, 25 December 2012
Donald Litherland, Chemistry, 17 July 2009
James Parkinson, Pharmacy, 6 September 2007
Peggy Rumbol, (née McConville), English, 30 May 2006
Maurice Standeven, French, 24 September 2008
Isobel Trueman, French, 20 February 2007
Frances (Peggy) Turner (née Roberts), Social Science, 2010
Peter Whitaker, Physics, 17 December 2009
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Arthur Burdett, Civil Engineering, 16 March 2006
Raymond Clarke, Applied Social Science, 4 March 2010
Raymond Collard, Pharmacy, 8 November 2013
Constance Cooke (née Barratt)
Cyril Davies, Mining Engineering, 8 February 2013
Desmond Dean, Pharmacy, 24 July 2010
Josephine Egerton (née Buffy), History, June 2012
Frank Harris, Combined Studies, 13 December 2010
Margaret Hodgson (née White), French
Yat Sun Lau, Civil Engineering, 3 November 2011
J Marshall, Economics, July 2008

Bridget Ogden, Economics, February 2011
Francis Harry Panton, Chemistry, 8 April 2013
Timothy Potts, Engineering, March 2009

Joe Prest, French, August 2010
Charles Sharp, Law
Michael Solomon, Geology, 27 May 2009

Mike Solomon played a leading role in the development of economic geology, both in Australia and internationally. He had numerous achievements during a highly distinguished career, which included his pioneering work with volcanic-associated deposits, which put the Mount Read volcanic arc in the lexicon of geologists around the world. Mike had a desire to test the limits in his academic life, which often lead to new ways of thinking and advances in science. In addition to his many and varied academic achievements, Mike will be remembered for his ability to bring geology alive and make it fun, often joining his students at social events. Many of his students have gone on to become leading economic geologists in their own right, and they, like many others will remember him as a character, a leader, a mentor and a friend. 
The above obituary was supplied by Mike's wife Marjorie and is an abridged version of the obituary by Ross Large that appeared in the SEG newsletter.

Anthony Whitehead, Education, 25 November 2012
Alan Wilson, Chemistry, December 2011
Kenneth Wilson, Pharmacy, May 2013
William Woodruff, Economic History, 23 September 2008
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Frederick Ashley, Mining Engineering
Roy Ashton, Law, May 2007
James Baker, Chemistry, 3 May 2010
George Braisby, Mathematics/Physics, 9 February 2008
Michael Brodie, Chemistry, 1 April 2011
Roger Burton, Physics, 30 January 2013
Anthony Chapman, Electrical Engineering, 10 September 2009
James Chilton, Pharmacy, 2012
George Cooley, Chemistry, 23 April 2006
Peter Dodson, French, 13th December 2010
Kenneth Foster, English, 4 June 2010
Ronald Goodwin, Civil Engineering, May 2011
Hilary Granger (née Wiltshire), English, 1 October 2008
Roger Holt, Agriculture, 18 September 2009
Desmond Howlett, Physics, 17 December 2009
Albert Kendrick, Physics, 10 May 2008
Alistair Limpitlaw, Engineering, 10 December 2007
Norman Shelley, Mechanical Engineering
Gwyneth Shepherd, English, 13 February 2012
Alfred Simms, Mathematics, 30 November 2011
Kenneth Oswald Staples, Pharmacy, May 2013
Peter Stevens, English, 14 May 2009
Leonard Sutton, Chemistry, 6 March 2009
William John Symes, Civil Engineering, 14 July 2013
Norman Thompson, Civil Engineering, 2012
Geoffrey Walmsley, Electrical Engineering, February 2010
Derek Warsop, History, 2 August 2010
Frederick Whalley, History, June 2014
Rachel White (née Pumphrey), Botany and Zoology, 11 November 2012
Stuart Whitton, Agriculture/Horticulture, 2005
Alan Wilson, Botany, 19 November 2010
Peter Wingham, Engineering, 7 March 2011
Geoffrey Yarlott, Grouped Subjects, 25 November 2009
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Betty Aitken (née Hooper), English 
Philip Bell, Chemistry/Geology, 13 April 2002
Margaret Bloumfield, Chemistry, April 2014
Terence Blumfield, Chemistry, 9 May 2011
David Clifford, Industrial Administration, 15 April 2013
David Montgomery Clifford, Industrial Administation
Gwendolen Dale (née Heselton), Physics/Mathematics, 26 January 2009
Ken Everett, Chemistry, 3 March 2014
Cedric Fermidge, Chemistry, 19 January 2007
Doreen (Alfreda) Ford, (née Page), Latin, 1 October 2006
Michael Garrety, English, 21 December 2009
Henry David Godson, February 2013
Dennis Guereca, Applied Social Science, 2 March 2007
John Hagyard, Social Administration, 18 June 2010
John Hawkins, Botany
Eric Henshaw, Electrical Engineering, 31 January 2011
George Hern, Agriculture/Horticulture, 15 December 2011
Michael Holmes, Chemistry
His Majesty Sultan Tuanku Ja'afar, Law, 27 December 2008
George Kelsey, Chemistry, 12 July 2013

William Kent, Agriculture/Horticulture, 13 November 2004
John Chrysostom Kiwanuka, 12 June 2010
Robert Ikin Leather, Botany, 28 November 2007 

During the war he served in the Royal Marines at the D Day landings and in the Far East.  After graduation he worked in Her Majesty's Colonial Service and with the United Nations as a Plant Pathologist and Coconut Agronomist in Ghana, Jamaica, Hong King, Fiji, Trinidad and Western Samoa.  Robert leaves his wife, June, (Botany 1951), five adult children and fifteen grandchildren.
The above obituary was kindly supplied by Robert's wife.

Elizabeth Newsom (née Palmer), Psychology, 6 February 2014
Alan G Norman OBE, Civil Engineering, February 2014

My father Alan Norman was a student at Nottingham University 1948-1951. BSc Civil Engineering. He died last year aged 90. After serving with The Hampshire Regiment (he was in the first wave of landings on D-Day where he was wounded several times) he went to Nottingham University as a mature student, his career went from Stanton and Staverley, (Notts) to Redland Pipes (Surrey) from 1968, where he became Technical Director. After Lafarge took over Redland, he worked for The British Pre-cast Concrete Federation in Leicester. A life spent in concrete (mostly pipes and lighting columns). As my brother commented in his eulogy "at one time you were probably standing over or under something he had designed"!
He met my mother when he was in Derby Royal infirmary recovering after the D-Day landings, she is still alive and well, and the living room of her house is still dominated by the print of Nottingham University.
The above obituary was kindly supplied by Alan’s son, Andrew.

Clere Richardson (née Baker), Zoology 1951, October 2010
Alan Rodway, English, 30 May 2008
Ernest Salisbury, French, 16 January 2014
Alan H Shaw, French, 11 February 2008
Ronald Slater, History/Economics, 31 December 2009
Philip Vincent, Classics
Roger Wallace, Agriculture/Horticulture, 14 June 2010
Gerald White, Agriculture/Horticulture, February 2006
Brian Wills, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Science
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Anthony (Tony) Brooks, Agriculture/Horticulture, 24 July 2006
John Osborne Brown, Law, July 2013
Marilyn Carter (née Edwards), English
Brian Clark, Social Administration, 30 January 2010
Olive Clark, English, June 2012
Margaret Deeble (née Jones), Agriculture/Horticulture, 2 December 2005
Donald Fellows, Classics, 21 January 2012
John Gay, Botany, August 2012
John Glasby, Chemistry, 5 June 2011
Phillip Goddard, Agriculture and Horticulture, 2012
James Haythornthwaite, Agriculture, 4 April 2011
Robert Hoh, Law, 24 December 2007
Peter Holland, Agriculture/Horticulture, August 2009
John Housley, Chemistry, 14 April 2006
Arthur Hull, Grouped Subjects, 28 February 2008
Margaret Jackson, Mathematics, 23 October 2012
Peter Johnson, Mathematics, 12 July 2011
Kenneth Lane, History and Theology, 20 July 2011 
Alan Law, Mining Engineering, 2006
Tryphosa Lee (née Dawes) Zoology, 10 November 2004
Joyce Lloyd (née Hawkes), Mycology, April 2009
Ninian McInnes, Mining Engineering
Gordon Mingay, History, 3 January 2005
Anthony James Moore, Maths, 9 June 2013
Keith Neill, Chemistry, 30 May 2010
John Pearson, Geography, 2 December 2008
Pauline Pocock, English
Michael Robinson, Electrical Engineering, 12 January 2008
Donald Reap, Industrial Economics, 25 March 2013
Edwin Smith, Mathematics, 4 July 2010
Ernest Smith, Physics and Astronomy, 17 December 2011
Peter Thornhill, Mechanical Engineering, 16 May 2010
Peter Woodhead, Mining Engineering, 14 March 2012
Brian Woods, Law, 22 September 2013
Dennis York, History and Psychology, 14 September 2011
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David G Barker, Grouped Subjects, 8 January 2014
Ross Barron, Civil Engineering, 21 December 2012
June Chilton, Geography, 4 June 2013
Laurence Draper, Physics, 17 June 2010
William Foster-Thornton, Agriculture/Horticulture
David Gale, Politics and Economics, 2012
David Hare, Law, 6 January 2009
Peter Hall, Medieval and Modern History, 8 September 2012
Mary Hallam (née Lyden), Geology, 21 April 2013
Ian Harper, Spanish/Hispanic Studies, May 2011
Roger Jackson, Physics, 8 January 2009
William Jackson, Medieval & Modern History, 15 July 2007
Richard Kitching, Law, 26 August 2013
Donald Lambley, Mathematics, 6 October 2010
Peter Longhurst, Economic and Social History, 21 November 2009
William Millington, Mining Engineering, 1 October 2013
Harry Milton, Chemistry, 18 November 2010
David Moulam, Geography, 2 June 2009
Gerard Pink, Politics, 20 April 2006
Frederick Riddell, Politics, 8 September 2011
Sultan Azlan Shah, Law, 28th May 2014
Ella Skene (née Basker), Agriculture/Horticulture, January 2013
David Sneesby, Industrial Economics, 24 April 2013
Robert Spiller, Physics
Kenneth Sumner, Electrical Engineering, November 2010
Alastair Taylor, Agriculture/Horticulture
John Towle, Mechanical Engineering, 2 August 2011
Edith Audrey Turner (née Williams), Mathematics

Audrey Turner, aged 82 years, passed away suddenly at her home in West Malvern on 4th February 2015. She is survived by her three children: Alison, Lindsay and Meddon and by her five grandchildren. Born in Tredegar, South Wales, she was brought up in Leicester. She began her study for a degree in Mathematics at Nottingham University at the age of 17 years - young for the time. In 1953, Audrey was the only one of her cohort at that University to receive a First Class Honours degree in Mathematics. After completing her teaching diploma a year later, she taught Mathematics in a variety of schools and became a Lecturer at Worcester Training College. She maintained her keen interest in teaching through tutoring whilst her children were young. The family moved to West Yorkshire when her husband, Ellis, gained the Headship of Normanton Grammar School. Audrey then worked as a Teacher of Mathematics and Further Mathematics at Wakefield Girls’ High School from 1975-1986 where she also fulfilled the role of a sixth form mistress. During her time at the school she acted as an adviser to the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge with regard to their Common Entrance Examination papers, in particular Mathematics. In 1985, following the retirement of her husband, the couple moved to West Malvern where they quickly became involved in the local community. Both became members of St James’ Church West Malvern, where for a time Audrey worked as Treasurer for the Friends of the Parish Church. They developed a keen interest in bowls and bridge at which they were very proficient. Audrey worked part-time at the local St James’ and the Abbey Girls’ School until her retirement. Following the death of her husband in July 1995, after 38 years or marriage, Audrey organised and ran extensive bridge groups at her house through the University of the Third Age. This brought her much pleasure and purpose in later life. Always wanting to keep her mind active and challenged, Audrey was never to be found far away from a crossword or puzzle book of some description. Her other enjoyments included reading books (especially crime novels), visiting the theatre and watching detective programmes. During her close companionship with Dr Roger Morgan until his death in 2004, she became adept at tapestry work and researched her family tree back to 1746. Whatever Audrey put her hand to she did with excellence and dedication and these were the hallmarks of her well-lived life. She was devoted to her family and proud of all their achievements, as they were of her. To all who knew her, Audrey was interesting, clever, resourceful, selfless, reliable and caring. The legacy and the memories she leaves behind will all be greatly treasured. She will be sorely missed.

Obituary supplied by her children Dr Alison Irvine, Dr Lindsay Turner  and Mr Meddon Turner all of whom bear ‘Williams’ as their middle name.

Edward (Ted) Ward, Chemistry, 12 October 2011
Robert Wroughton, Pharmacy, 17 January 2011

Sheila Cooper, (née Walker) Law, 1960
Peter Crampton, Geography, 12 July 2011
Jirair Danielian, Mining Engineering, 31 October 2008
John Gregory, Mathematics, February 2013
Peter Godwin-Wolf, French/Spanish, 27 March 2010
David Hills, Economics, 3 December 2009

John Stuart Morley Hutchinson, Zoology 1955, 5 August 2010

Morley was Hons Zoology, 1955, one year before myself. He was a popular figure in Hugh Stuart and around the University and also during the 2 years he spent at Sutton Bonington before he moved with his PhD. supervisor, Dr Hamish Robertson, to Aberdeen. 
The above obituary was kindly supplied by friend of John, Dr Peter J. O'Connor.

Noel King, Theology, 1 February 2009
David Knights, Chemistry and Physics
John Lister, Physics/Mathematics, February 2009
David Corbet Lovibond, French, 13 March 2013
Ann Melly, Social Administration, 30 December 2010
Anna Hepburn Merz, Politics/Law, 4 April 2013
Martin Naunton, Chemistry, 13 July 2011
Richard Nisbet, Civil Engineering, 11 March 2010
Audrey O'Leary, French
Desmond O'Leary, Spanish/Hispanic Studies
Geoffrey Pugh, Botany, February 2006
David Reddish, Mining Engineering, 25 February 2011
Christine Sansom (née Williams), Physics/Mathematics, 13 November 2013
Robert Sparrow, Civil Engineering, 23 June 2008
Beryl Straw (née Goodwin), Politics, 7 September 2010
Charles Sutton, Agriculture, 21 January 2011
William Gordon Keith Taylor, Chemistry, May 2013
Brian Whittingham, Slavonic Studies, 11 August 2009
Victor Willins, Economics
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Celia Archer (née Mortimer), Economic and Social History, 20 January 2010
Joan Bethell (née Austin), Chemistry, 17 March 2010
Anthony Bowers, Law
Sally Bullock (née Richards), Dairying, 11 April 2010
David Dalton, Mining Engineering, 14 April 2008
Arah Danielian, Physics, 19 January 2013
David Daniels, Chemistry
David Driver, Social Administration
Dennis Drysdale, French, July 2010
Norman Eatough, Economics, 31 August 2010
George Farrimond, Civil Engineering, 27 July 2010
Chris Garnett, Chemistry, 13 May 2014
Clive Granger, Mathematics, 27 May 2009
David Green, Chemistry, 12 July 2008
Kenneth Gregory, Law, 10 September 2010
Peter Griffiths, Physics
William Hammond, Mining Engineering, 14 November 2008
Godfrey Hare, Geography, 31 March 2010
Donald Harrison, Civil Engineering, October 2013 
John (Barrie) Heath, Law, March 2013
Graville Hutchinson, Mathematics, July 2007
Lionel Lambourne, English and Philosophy, 12 February 2010
John Laws, Agriculture/Horticulture, 19 January 2011
Malcolm Liddle, Geography, July 2007
Walter James, English, 25 December 2010
Nigel Hill Margerison, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences, May 2013
Maureen Modlen (née Griffin), Economic and Social History, 16 June 2012
C. Alan Soons, Education, 29 December 2011
David Robert Spray, Industrial Economics
Brian Trueman, History, 2013
Edwin Truman, Law, 4 March 2013
Brian Winterbottom, Civil Engineering, November 2013
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Peggie Andrews, History
Kenneth Cazabon, Mechanical Engineering, 8 January 2006
Jim Chapman, Geography, 1 January 2009
Colin Cresswell, Botany, 6 December 2011
John Davidson, Agriculture/Horticulture, 2012
Alyn Davies, Chemistry, 17 January 2012
Eric Dove, Russian
Heinrich Fessler, Mechanical Engineering, 22 June 2011
Neil Field, Geography, January 2007
Derek Hedge, Chemistry, 29 July 2011
Peter Henderson, Psychology
Francis Hughes, Theology, October 2008
John Johnson, Physics, 13 June 2009
Reginald Littlefair, Geology, May 2010
Dr Edward Markham, Chemistry, January 2014
James Mack, Physics, 1960s
Gilbert Manley, Zoology, 3 May 2008
Donald McKay, Civil Engineering, 24 August 2011
Dennis Parkinson, Botany
Clive Priestley, History, 24 January 2012
Maureen Ryan, Englsih
Harold Shukman, Slavonic Studies with Philosophy, 11 July 2012
George Sutton, Economic and Social History, 2012
Malcolm Warwick, Russian and Slavonic Studies, 29 January 2010
Peter Whitehead, Law, January 2013
William Whittington, Agriculture/Botany
Jeffrey Wyatt, Mining Engineering, May 2010
Green Horizontal line

Dennis Atherton, Chemistry/Geology, 2012
Walter Beasley, Theology, 1 June 2012
Alan Bird, Economics & Agricultural Economics
Keith Bonser, Russian, 3 January 2015
John (Trevor) Bradley, Law, 9 March 2012
Lionel Cliffe, Economics, November 2013
Barry Driscoll, Industrial Economics, 24 May 2012
David Edwards, Law, December 2006
Martin Entwistle, Chemistry, April 2007
Howard Erskine-Hill, English Studies and Philosophy, 26 February 2014 
Margaret Green (née McGough), Zoology, 2009
Alan Greenwell, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences, 9 September 2010
John Harness, Physics, 2 July 2011
David Helliwell, Industrial Economics, 6 July 2012
Anne Jessica Hills MBE, (née Blackden), English, December 2007
Gerald Hooper, Mechanical Engineering, 19 February 2013
Elizabeth Howells, Politics, 13 May 2004
John Inglis, Zoology, 5 March 2011
Barrington Isted, Economics & Social History, 27 October 2013
Ian Campbell Jeffrey, Mining Engineering, 25 May 2013
Timothy Kidd, Theology, 12 June 2011
Joan Mary Kivi, Pharmacy, 3 April 2013
Patricia Moore, Social Administration, 13 October 2011
Anthony Norminton, Agriculture/Horticulture, 24 June 2011
Ralph Petty, Spanish
Anne (Margaret) Phillips, (née Jones), Botany, October 2007
Maxwell Rouse, Mechanical Engineering, November 1990
James Saunt, Agriculture/Horitculture, November 2010
Barry Smith, Chemistry, November 2009
Brian Stubbs, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences, 19 September 2013
John Bryan Todd, French, 17 November 2010
Roger Tomlinson, Geography, 7 February 2014
Tony Tolhurst, Law, November 2013
William Tromans, Politics, November 2005
Hugh Walker, Electrical Engineering, 20 June 2013
Michael Widdas, Mining Engineering, 7 June 2009
Martin Willis, Chemistry, 30 October 2006
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Peter Ala Adjetey, Law, 15 July 2008

For a full obituary, please see 

Marita Allwood, (née Lawler-Wilson), English, 26 July 2006
Ram Azad, Mining Engineering, 15 July 2009
John Baumber, Zoology, December 2009
Premanand Bhatt, Electrical Engineering, 18 June 2008
John Clasper, Pharmacy, 7 December 2011
James Douglas, Mechanical Engineering, July 2009
Mary Gathercole, French and English, 2012 
Frederick Gillott, Mechanical Engineering, 12 May 2010
Barbara Harding, French, 3 September 2011
Peter Harris, Agriculture and Microbiology, 2012
Simon Hill, Botany, 29 December 2008

Andrew Gerard Foster, Law, 3 February 2013
Alan Foulkes, English Studies and Philosophy, 29 November 2012
David A Jeffrey, Law, 2 April 2008
Richard Langdale-Smith, Chemistry, 27 February 2012
Colin McCarthy, Industrial Economics, 2011 
John Morgan, Metallurgy, 2011
Peter Morris, Chemistry, 2 February 2011
Emeritus Professor Owen Morgan, French, 1 September 2010
Frank Musgrove, Education, 29 August 2011
Patricia Elizabeth Norton, Agriculture/Horticulture 
Catherine Shonubi (née Senkatuka), Geography, 1970
Christopher Smith, Law
Susanne Stoessl, Economics, October 2013 
Anthony Wright, Geology, 29 July 2011

The death occurred on 29 July 2011 of Professor Anthony David Wright. He was aged 77. Tony, as he was known to many, graduated from Nottingham University in 1958 with a First Class Honours degree in Geology.Thereafter, his distinguished academic career was spent at Queen's University, Belfast. He began as Research Assistant and then through the ranks of Lecturer and Reader, became Head of the Geology Department (1974-1990) and Professor (1974-1998) He enjoyed a worldwide reputation as an expert in the study of fossil brachiopods and it was his contribution to brachiopod research which the University of Nottingham recognised in July this year by conferring on him the degree of Doctor of Science. Sadly,Tony was unable to receive the degree in person because of ill health.
The above obituary was kindly supplied by a friend of Tony's, Brian Playle.

John Westley, Chemistry, 2011

Dr. John William Westley 75, died December 12, 2011, at his home in Petaluma, California, after a brave and lengthy battle with pancreatic cancer. Dr. Westley was born on February 5, 1936, in the village of Sawston, seven miles south of Cambridge, England. He was the youngest child of Harold Sydney Westley and Daisy Victoria Sorrell. At the time of his birth, his brother Ivan Sydney was 11 years old and his sister Elma was 9. As a young man, he was an excellent student and cricket player. He attended, on scholarships, the Cambridgeshire High School for Boys and the University of Nottingham. He received his B.Sc. degree in chemistry with First Class Honors and the Jesse Boot Prize in 1958, and his Ph.D. degree in 1961, all from the University of Nottingham. In July 1961, Dr. Westley, his wife, Angela, and one-year-old son, Nicholas John, moved from Nottingham to Palo Alto, California. There he worked in the Chemistry Department at Stanford University with Professor Carl Djerassi. After a brief collaboration with J.C. Craig at UCSF, he returned to Stanford to work on a NASA-funded project under the direction of Nobel Laureate, Joshua Lederberg, of the Genetics Department, to look for ways of detecting extraterrestrial life. In 1964, Dr. Westley and his wife had a second son, Peter Miles. In 1968, Dr. Westley and his family moved to New Jersey, where he took a job as Associate Director of the Microbiology Department of the pharmaceutical firm, Hoffman-LaRoche. At Roche he and his department identified, solved the structures of, and biosynthesized antibiotics. In 1972, Chao-min Liu, a microbiologist from Taiwan and the University of Wisconsin, joined Dr. Westley at Roche. In their retirement years, John and Chao-min agreed that their work on Polyether Antibiotics, summarized in two volumes by the publisher Marcel Decker (1976-7), were the most successful collaborations of their scientific careers. In 1985, Dr. Westley left Roche to join SKB, now known as Glaxo SmithKline, in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. There he directed a natural products group of four senior chemists and their support teams, dedicated to the isolation of compounds with potential pharmacological activity from terrestrial plants and marine organisms. Dr. Westley had 110 publications and was awarded 32 patents during the course of his career. Some of the compounds patented improve cardiovascular function and one has potential as an anti-obesity agent. During a summer tennis clinic at Glaxo in 1992, Dr. Westley met a charming young lady, Camille Dixon. He had always intended to retire to California, where both his sons lived. In 1996, John persuaded Camille to move with him to Northern California. They were married in the town of Sonoma on July 27, 2003. Dr. Westley is survived by his wife, brother, two sons, their wives, Monica and Lisa, and four grandchildren, Aidan, Allison, Sydney, and Alexandra. John's love of life, work, family, and friends will be sorely missed by all who knew him. Friends are invited to attend a memorial service Tuesday, December 20th at Adobe Creek Funeral Home 331 Lakeville St., Petaluma, CA 94952. 707-789-9000. Online condolences may be made at
Published in San Francisco Chronicle on December 18, 2011

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David Allen, Animal Physiology, 2007
Robert Banham, Theology
Constance Byrom, Social Administration, 20 January 2009
Mary Burdes, Geography, 1997
Jacqueline Cameron, Pharmacy, February 2012
David Cheetham, Physics
Kenneth Coates, Sociology and Politics, 27 June 2010

For a full obituary please see The Guardian 

Brian Cracknell, Chemistry
David Croft, Law, 21 January 2009
Philip Simon Doughty, Geology, 14 January 2013
John Fisher, English, 26 February 2014
John Game, Social Administration, 18 July 2008
John Golby, History, 21 February 2009
David Harris, English, 27 November 2010
Fred Hepburn, Physics
John Holden, Chemistry/Zoology, 28 June 2010
Michael Hudson, Chemistry, 28 July 2003
Paul Hunt, Mathematics, 11 November 2012
George Hurd, Electrical Engineering, February 2013
Robert Kirkpatrick, Education, 17 December 2005
Brian Lace, History
Robert Leslie, Chemistry, 1 January 2014
Howard Loughlin, Chemistry/Metallurgy, 2009
Alfred Nash, Theology
Raymond Page, English, 10 March 2012
Cecil Parnell, Physics, 6 February 2009
Roger Parkes, Mechanical Engineering, 20 October 2012
Anthony Rawlinson, Industrial Economics, August 2010 
David John Thirkall, Agriculture/Horticulture, 25 August 2009
Marian Tyacke (née Philip), English, 8 January 2009
Sandra Wilson (née Proud), Pharmacy, 2011
Michael Witcomb, Geography/Economic Social History, 18 December 2010
Richard Radley, Agriculture/Horticulture 12 October 2011
Joy Utting, Theology, 12 December 2011
Vera Theresa Wass, Pharmacy, 28 June 2014
Green Horizontal line

Keith Atherton, Mining Engineering, 10 July 2009
Richard Bough, Pharmacy, 1 July 2006
Tristram Eastwood, Russian Studies
Robert Goodge, Russian
William Griffin, Pharmacy, 4 June 2007
Christopher Kiernan, Psychology, 23 April 2011
Mary Langford, Music, 27 December 2010
Sheila Leach, French/Spanish
Michael Light, Mechanical Engineering, 17 June 2008
Pamela Marsh, (née Fox), Pharmacy, 17 January 2007
David Marston, Agriculture/Horticulture
William Martin, Chemistry, 24 February 2012
Jasmine Matthison, English. December 2011
Roger McCallister, Geology/Geography
Gillian Mowat (née Garside), Dairying, 22 January 2013
David Newland, Mechanical Engineering, 2 April 2011
Barbara Przedborska, Salvonic/French Studies, 24 February 2011
Noel Richards, Social Administration, 7 July 1998
Michael Shenton, Civil Engineering, 9 February 2010
Brian Storey, Physics, 2 March 2010
Derek Taylor, Law, 10 October 2006
Ian Wagstaff, Chemistry, 2006
Green Horizontal line

Donald Bain, Geology, July 2009
Michael Barker, Physics, 10 December 2006
Roger Berkeley, Botany, September 2010
John Bisson, Chemistry, 2 February 2011
Martyn Bittleston, English
Michael Brooke, Civil Engineering, 14 January 2011
Richard Butterfield, Chemistry, 21 November 2008
Rabindra Chakravorty, Mining Engineering, 22 July 2006
John Clarke, Geography, November 2011 
Peter Davies, Pharmacy, January 2008
Ronald Davies, Zoology, 12 February 2009
David Dowse, French, November 2008
Jo Faccenda, Geography, August 2009
Keith Foster, Industrial Economics, 1 June 2010
Trevor Hold, Music, 28 January 2004
Keith Howarth, Law
Kathleen Juhasz, German
Elizabeth Law (née Turk), Social Administration, 16 July 2009
Graham Milner, Theology
Hugh Morris, Zoology/Chemistry, January 2011
John Moore, French, June 2012
Richard J Osborn, Physics/Mathematics, 2008
Colin Oxlee, Metallurgy, July 2001
Sarah Paget, Economic History, 2008
Keith Sargent, Electrical Engineering, 9 July 2007
John Spratling, History, 22 October 2011
Richard Walter Tann, Industrial Economics, 3 October 2013
Gareth Thomas, Chemistry, 22 August 2013
Green Horizontal line

Robert Ayres, Mechanical Engineering, July 2011
Richard Beacham OBE, Law, 18 June 2008
Alastair Bissett-Johnson, Law, 9 July 2008
Robert Carter, Economics, 16 September 2012
John Cayton, Law, 14 September 2011
Howard Fisher, Law, October 2012
Valerie Gillespie, (née O'Reilly), English, December 2007
Maureen Gowers, History, 7 Decemeber 2006
Michael Greaves, Agriculture/Microbiology, October 2010
Joanna Hughes, Russian Studies, 24 December 2013
Kenneth Jones, Chemistry, 2008
Roger Land, Agriculture/Horticulture/Physiology
Malcolm McPherson, Mining Engineering, 12 November 2008
John Newsome, Electrical Engineering
Diane Oldfield, Chemistry, 31 December 1999
Michael Owen, Mechanical Engineering, 11 May 2012
David Parker, English, 2 February 2013
Anne Ridings, History, December 2007 
Janusz Smoczkiewicz, Law, 1972
Ann Tollervey, Mathematics, December 1962 
Christopher Wigzell, Philosophy, 10 May 2012
Geoffrey Woodruff, Pharmacy, 1 June 2007
Green Horizontal line

John Abdy, Theology, 27 November 2011
Carol Bain (née Henderson), Pharmacy, 15 May 2009
Charles Berkeley, French and Spanish, 4 March 2013

Stanley Clements, Electrical Engineering, 6 September 2009

Stanley worked as an engineer for 41 years, 37 of those in the Ontario Nuclear industry. He was instrumental in the development of the SLAR tool, now widely used in the CANDU nuclear generating stations. His speciality became fuel handling, and he was part of an international team that bought the first Romanian nuclear plant into production at Cernavoda in 1996. 
Stan was a swim coach for many years, getting as far as Olympic trials with one of his swimmers in 1984, and he also enjoyed sailing and bird watching. 
Stan was married to Jacqueline for 44 years and had 3 children (James, William and Elizabeth) and 6 grandchildren.
The above obituary was kindly supplied by Stanley's wife Jacqueline. 

Pauline Crombie, Classics, February 2012
Renee De Wit, Pharmacy, 13 September 2010
Roland Fairbrother, Economics, 10 September 2009
Shirley Hardy (nee Price), Economic & Social History, August 2008
Sir Henry Lee, Hon DLitt, 8 December 1993
Michael Sargent, Botany, 22 April 2013
Vivien Stchedroff (née Philip), Music, 10 September 2001
Green Horizontal line

Bruce Boyce, Agriculture/Horticulture, 1 January 1990
Michael Coleman, Industrial Economics, 17 September 2011
Baron Leslie Davis, Social Administration, 2009 
George Darby, English, 1 February 2013
Carol Downer (née Blight), 6 January 2011
Brian Dudley, Mechanical Engineering, 2007
Sheila Glover, History, 19 December 2011
Ann Marsden (née Wheeldon), Pharmacy, 6 August 2002
Vivien Newing, Classics, 4 September 2006
Brian Tipper, Agriculture/Horticulture, 30 April 2010
Barbara Walker (née Utting), Pharmacy, 2 April 2003
Peter Widdowson, English, 3 June 2009
Green Horizontal line


Robert Batey, Geology, 25 March 2012
Ian Briggs, Pharmacy, 20 February 2009
Richard Brignell, Economic & Social History, 8 August 1995
Graham Butler, Electrical Engineering, August 2009
Richard Corkery, Civil Engineering, 23 March 1995
Sally Crooks, Chemistry, August 1990
Elizabeth Davies, Mathematics
Graham Fidler, Chemistry
John Gillett, Mechanical Engineering, April 2014
Graham Howells, Spanish, 2012
David Jones, Law, 2012
Robert Kelcher, Metallurgy
Christopher L Martin, Law
Michael Mayo, Botany, 31 December 2008
Robert Murray, Industrial Economics
Malcolm Palmer, French and German, 18 September 2007
David Pargeter, Industrial Economics, April 2010
Geoffrey Scholefield, History, 1991
Margaret Scott MBE, Horticulture, March 2011
Eveline Seddon, Chemistry

Sheila Tippett, Chemistry, May 2009

Obituary from the Guardian.

William (Bill) Tippett, Chemistry, 25 September 2014

Online obituaries at the Guardian and at Ketso

Alastair Wiles, Mechanical Engineering, August 2011
Duncan Willoughby, Economics, 2009
Rosamond Anne Wilson (née Garton), Zoology, December 2012
Malcolm Woodbine (Emeritus Professor of Agricultural Microbiology) Court Member
Green Horizontal line

Robert Boucher, Mechanical Engineering, 25 March 2009
Douglas Brooks, Botany, 9 July 2009
Robert Bull, Physics
Carol Downer (nee Blight), 6 January 2011
John Fereday, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 14 March 2011
Derek Fish, Mathematics, April 2006
Christopher Nicholas Gilroy, Physics, 29 September 2013
Susan Hainsworth, Agriculture/Horticulture, February 2013
Jean Hooson, Zoology, 16 August 2013
Geoffrey Lowe, Physics, 9 June 2008
Iris Pape, Pharmacy, 19 August 1995
Philip Smith, Chemistry, 9 March 2007
Geoffrey Tonge, Civil Engineering, October 2004
Green Horizontal line

Roger Brooks, Pharmacy, August 2011
Rodney Lester Casey, Chemical Engineering, 25 August 2013
Michael Coles, Chemistry, 4 November 2007
Terence Copley, Theology, 17 January 2011
Terence Cowham, Geography
Kenneth Doughty, Production Engineering, May 2012
Michael Hallam, Chemical Engineering, 10 February 2011
Arthur Holden, Chemical Engineering, 2 November 2011
Joan Long (née Sweeting), German, July 2007 
Geoffrey Marsh, Russian, December 2003
Derek Stanley Macauley, Chemical Engineering, 21 May 2013
Roger Martin, Education, 2006
Roger Peart, Geology
Graham Quinton, Industrial Economics with Psychology, 21 May 2011
Philip Robinson OBE, Industrial Economics, 2011
Angela Speight (née Spooner), Law, 2010
Anna St Leger-Lucas (née Whitehead), French
David Stepto, Metallurgy,
Peter John Tooley, Food Sciences, 2012
Jonathan Young, Mechanical Engineering, 1 January 2007
Green Horizontal line

Keeling Anthony, Electrical Engineering, May 2006
Roger Barker, Economics, 2004
John Bishop, Chemistry/Psychiatry, 2008
Derek Bowler, Chemistry, 21 November 2012
Michael J Burton, Physics, May 2014
Charnchai Charuvastr, Electrical Engineering, 11 February 2011
Andrew Coleman, Physics
Ronald Clowes, Economics
Rosemary Davies (née Greenwood), English, 3 January 2010 
Gillian Gates (née Alexander), Theology, March 2008
Timothy Gilbert, Psychology
John Francis Glazier, Environmental Physics, 23 October 2012
Frank Golightly, Metallurgy, 2010
John Green, Chemistry, 15 October 2014
Allan Hall, Mining Engineering, 14 November 2010
Margaret Hayter (née Swallow), Chemistry, 22 January 2010
Roy Jessop, Politics, September 2008
Roger Lintonbon, Chemistry, July 2011
David Mallison, Mining Engineering, 27 August 2010
Hugh Martin, Mechanical Engineering, 2010
Diana Stagg, (née Adkins), Chemistry, 9 June 2006

Green Horizontal line


Christine Bergan (née Walker), Classics, 26 November 2010
Ruth Ford (née Clark), Theology, 2008
Peter William Freeman, Chemistry, 13 May 2010

Peter has a BSc in Chemistry and a PhD and since 1974 has lived in Australia where he leaves a widow and two sons.
The above obituary was kindly supplied by Peter's sister.

John Hollick Frisby, Education, 2013
Stephen Gentry, Chemistry, 10 March 2006
Janet Holmes (née Bowler), French
Carole Johnson, Politics, November 2011
Kevin Jones, Slavonic Studies
Brian Kerry, Agriculture/Horticulture, 2013
Adrian Lee, Industrial Economics, January 2011
Graham Littler, Mathematics Education, 1 January 2009
John Lodge, Electrical Engineering, 15 April 2011
Martin Openshaw, Metallurgy, 20 October 2010
Elizabeth Palmer, Education, March 2007
Martin Plant, Sociology, 16 March 2010
Andrew Pyle, Electrical Engineering, 21 June 2012
Elizabeth Rorison, Music, 24 June 2011
Jeremy Scudamore, Geography, 29 August 2011
Hilary Smith (née Bluck), Pharmacy, 25 November 2011
Green Horizontal line

Robin (Chris) Butler, Production Engineering, July 2009
Julian Davies, Construction Management, 27 December 2013
Jean Ellis, Geography, July 2012
David Grove, Industrial Economics, 12 November 2011

Obituary at The Telegraph

Michael Anthony Harrison, Fine Art/Art History, 25 April 2013
Stewart Jones, Physics, 2007
Roger Marks, Politics, 23 February 2011
Elizabeth O'Brien (née Blainey), Sociology, 17 January 2012
Rebecca Park, Zoology, 26 May 2007
Phillip Russell, Politics and International Relations, 2002
Jane Rutherford (née Oldfield), Economics, 31 October 2012
David Raymond Short, Civil Engineering, 21 October 2014
Peter Staples, Theology, 10 December 2012
Clare Stride, Fine Art/Art History, 19 April 2006
Andrew Roderick Taylor, Zoology, 2012
John Wilkinson, Electrical Engineering, 2 October 2008
Green Horizontal line

Iris Bell, Education, 24th January 2011
Peggy Blunden (nee Evans), Maths/Psychology, December 2010
Richard Crossley, Civil Engineering
Richard Grafham, Mathematics, 18th May 2005
Hugh Little, Politics, 2013
Peter May, Chemical Engineering, November 2013

Neil Adam, Applied Biochemstry with Nutrition, January 2012
Tim Bond, Mechanical Engineering, 16 April 2011
Prof Colin Bayliss, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, 6 September 2014
Andrew Brinkman, Electrical Engineering, 7 July 2011
Roger Burnley, Mechanical Engineering, 15 July 2009
John Carrington, French, December 2009
Christopher Cooper, English/American Studies, 2010
Kenneth Herbert, Architecture, 16 April 2010
Duraid Mahrus, Mechanical Engineering, January 2010
Hilary McArdle, Food Science, September 2007
James Pattison, Electrical Engineering
Linda Shine (née Reynolds), English, March 2011
Janet Snape (née Wood), Geography, November 2010
John Stephenson, Physics, 31 March 2013
Trevor Tansley, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 26 June 2011
Douglas Turner, Physics
Joan van Hamel, Education

Green Horizontal line

Nigel Bunting, Agriculture/Food Science, March 2009
Peter Carrington, French, December 2009
Jonathan Everitt, Chemistry
Joseph Fawcett, Education, March 2007
Kevan Fogg, Mathematics, December 2006
Paul Gilman, English Studies, 17th December 2009
Sir George Godber, Honorary Degree, February 2009
John Hall, Mathematics, November 2006
Craig Hanson, Philosophy, 15 July 2011
David Hooton, Education, 20 June 2012
Stephen Hudson, Pharmacy, 28 November 2010
Penelope Matthews, English
Gerard McConville, Education, 10 April 2008
Keith McLagen, Education
Graham Page, Physics, February 2006
Michael Read, Chemical Engineering, November 2009
David Samways, Pharmacy
Susan Stone (née Easterby), Social Administration
Susan Todd (née Maude), Geography, 2009
Cathy Urwin, Child Psychology, 2 June 2012
David Walker, Medicine

Green Horizontal line

Keith Ayling, Psychology, 30 March 2010
Michael Bushell, Mining Engineering
Joan Doreen Dobson (née Atkinson), Education, 26 February 2013
Stephen Murray Downton, Physics, 19 January 2014
Robert Dossetter, Education, 10 July 2011
Katherine Gaydon, Chemistry, 3 March 2005
Maragret Hopkin (née Hallam), Education, 22 May 2011
Nicholas Mabelle, Civil Engineering, 31 August 2010
Heather Malloch (née Backhouse), Theology, July 2010
Edward Pate, Education, 28 October 2011
Simon Pettitt, Theology, 18 December 2009
Brian Woods, Pharmacy
Green Horizontal line

Anthony Bunch, Law
Kenneth Bloomer, Education, 1975
Richard Anthony Charles, Law, 21 July 2013
Roberto Chizzolini, Food Sciences, April 8 2004
David Cooke, Industrial Economics
Colin Darling, Civil Engineering
Ian Gray, Mechanical Engineering, 1 August 2011
Ian Kettle, Economics, 31 October 2010
Jane Lion (née Greenwood), French, 20 March 2009
Angela Lowrie (née Preece), Medicine, 01 January 2010
Michael McKenna, Civil Engineering, 24 November 2011
Michael Newman, Chemistry
Steve Patrick, Physics, 2013
Barbara Sheldon (née Watson), Chemistry
Maurice Waite, Education, April 2006
Green Horizontal line

Mohd Adnan, Production Engineering, February 2011
Allan Ashworth, Chemistry, 17 March 2013
Horace Bennett, Education, September 2012
Andrew Clifton, English and American Studies, 27 February 2014
Celia Coldham (née Evans), Education, 2005
Glynis Davies, Education
John Harrison, Law, 9 January 2009
Andrew Hirst, Music, 26 March 2006
Jane Mason, Mathematics, 4 April 2012
Robin Sisson, English, 24 June 2008
Shirley Anne Stockwell, French Literature, 21 November 2011

After a long illness I am sorry to announce that Dr Shirley Anne Stockwell (French Literature 1976) died on 21st November 2011. Shirley fought her battle with tremendous dignity, strength and courage. Shirley will be remembered as a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. She was an intelligent, kind and caring woman and will be greatly missed by those who knew and loved her.
The above obituary was kindly supplied by Shirley's husband Alan.

Paul Webb, Agriculture, 20 January 2012
Stephen Windos, Music, 1 November 2010
Green Horizontal line

Iain Beastall, Education
Dorothy Bell, (née Gray), Education
John Bescoby-Chambers, History, 15 December 2012
Lynn Cunningham (née Litherland), Law, 15 December 2010
Diana Draisey (née Kemp), Music, 31 January 2011
Raymond Allan Farnell, Mechanical Enginnering, 28 February 2013
Geoffrey Halstead, Physics, 2012
Michael Hardy, Education, 23 August 2012
Roy Lucas, Education, 13 February 2007
Gregg Maxson
Michael McCabe, American Studies, 11 April 2008
John Moorfoot, Education, 20 February 2006
Linda Pym, Law, 18 April 2014
Sarah Simkin (née Coulthurst), Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences, 20 August 2010
Robert Stephenson, Chemistry, 22 November 2012
John Sumner, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences, 4 September 1996
Milton Tan, Architecture, 2010
Alan Turner, Agriculture/Horticulture, 31 January 2010
Philip Vernon, History, 27 October 2010
Stephen Young, Mathematics, 31 January 2011

Green Horizontal line

Kenneth Atkin, Mathematics, February 2011
Rosemary Buxton (née England), Psychology, 5 November 2006
Rosemary Arrowsmith Clews, Social Work, April 2013
Antony Cooksey, Education
John Crowther, Music, March 2008
Keith Dadds, Education, February 2003
Vanessa Franklin, Psychology, 3 March 2009
Alan Heywood Kenny, English
Anita Higgie, English and Linguistics, November 2010
Katrina Honeyman, Economic and Social History, 23 October 2011
Ingrid Lyon (née Selby), Education
Anne Milner, Agriculture/Horticulture, 24 December 2012
Richard Page, Medicine, February 2008
John Palshis, Chemistry
Olive Senior, Applied Social Science
Green Horizontal line

Jill Benner, Chemistry, April 2011
Carolyn Boag (nee Pocock), English, 7 July 2010
Barbara Brown, French/Spanish, 25 January 2011
Stephen Church, Chemistry, May 2011
Andrew Charles Cochran, Civil Engineering
M Christopher Coupland, English, 14 August 2005
John Evans, Education
Philip Glithero, Medicine, 20 November 2012
Colin Hancock, Education, 9 January 2009
James (Jim) Hill, Education, 26 September 2009
Kenneth Hyde, Education, 2012
Paul Kelly, Chemistry
Marian Knott, Education, 2 May 2012
Ngi Law, Production Engineering
Robert Megarry, Hon Grad, 11 October 2006
Fiona Wakefield (nee Nathan), Industrial Economics, 27 April 2008

Green Horizontal line

Paul Chidgey, Economic and Social History
Zena Jane Cumberpatch, Industrial Economics
John Divall, Education, 2012
Honora Hunter, Law, 1 June 1993
Harry Husband, Education, March 2010
Iris Husband, Education, 20 September 2013
John Jones, Electrical Engineering, 26 June 2009
Catherine Moores, English Studies, 11 March 2010
David Morris, History, 19 April 2010
Patricia Wells (née Clarke), Biology, 2008
Jacob Chi-Kwok Wong, Civil Engineering, 28 November 2010
Philip Zornoza, Production Engineering
Green Horizontal line

Simon Barlow, Medicine 
James Kirk Blackburn, Geology
Peter Cook, Agriculture/Horticulture, 5 March 2010
Phillipa Cowdrey, Industrial Economics, September 2009
Patrick Davies, Mathematics
Maurice Delaney, Politics, 19 January 2009
Freda Dryhurst, Education
Euan Haig, Geography, 7 December 2010
Nigel Jordan, Medicine, 12 June 2011
Sapphire Naylor (née Ashcroft), Social Work, 2009
Brian Frank Orzel, Physics
John Robinson, Medieval & Modern History, 13 September 2013
Ann Shaw (née Holmes), Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, September 2012
Anita Stockwell, Pharmacy, April 2006
Sivagurunathan Thayaparasivan, Chemical Engineering, 21 September 2009
Vaughan Williams, Education, 21 June 2009
Green Horizontal line    

Sharon Bubbers (née White), History
Frederick Clarke, Theology, 22 November 2012
Dr Robert Dow, Mining Engineering, August 2012
Christopher Fenton, Medicine, 2012
Bernard Haynes, Education, 1 March 200
Graham Hollows, Psychology, November 2009
John Martin, Economics/Agricultural Economics, 12 September 2005
Alan Maydon, Education, October 2010
Godfrey (William) McGowan, Education, 25 November 2007
Raymond Edgar Milner, Education, January 2013
Tina Smithson, Law, 10 March 2007
Michael Sokolowski, Agriculture/Horticulture, 8 January 2010
Green Horizontal line


Anne Barnsdall, Education, 10 March 2008
Ann Ogden (née Kellett) Education, 27 July 2008
Christine Reid. Psychology, 16 May 1988
Ernest Summers, Modern Electronics, October 2010
Julie Wheeler, Education, 12 May 2011
Penelope Yensen, Education, 28 September 2005
Green Horizontal line

Sari Conway (née Wright), Education, July 2006
Malcolm Gander, Education, 5 September 2011
Robert Heard, Genetics and Biochemistry, 7 February 2012
Edward Mann, English, January 2011
Jeffrey Moore, Education, 21 November 2011
Margaret Patrick, Social Work, 4 March 2006
Elizabeth Radforth, Politics, 1 July 2008
Michael Ward, Education, 21 December 2008
Green Horizontal line

Dawn Chance, Medicine, 28 March 2002
Geoffrey Dumbill, Zoology/Biochemistry, 3 May 2014
Tracy Evans (née Welton), Social Administration, March 2013
Elizabeth Filmer, French and German, December 2007
Wendy Gilley, Mathematics, 14 May 2009
Eric Howarth, Linguistics/English Language, November 2010 
Brian Lord, Mining Engineering, June 2013
Richard Madeley, Medicine, 13 February 2012
Unny Menon, Production Engineering 3 November 2011 
Susan Nicholls, Zoology, 30 May 2011
David Parry, Education, 18 January 2004
Colin Pendleton, Archaeology, 1 June 2014
Ian Simmons, Physics
Graham Townsend, Social Administration, 1998
Graham Turner, Chemistry, 16 April 2012
Benamin Whiteley, Geology, 1 June 2005
Green Horizontal line


Judith Carini (née Gourley), Sociology, 20 May 2011
Geoffrey Hadfield, Classical Civilisations, 20 June 2011
Robert Read, Mechanical Engineering, September 2012
Kenneth Rigby, Modern Electronics, 16 February 2013
Julie Tyler, Education, 21 April 2007
James Wilkie, Spanish/Hispanic Studies, 22 February 2009
Green Horizontal line

Jane Campbell, (née Hunter), English, March 2007
Peter Coward, Education, 2012
William Forrest, Mining Engineering, 13 December 2012
Andrew Fox, Education, 2001
Jonathan Hesp, Zoology, 12 August 2013
Eric Page, Child Psychology, 1 March 2013
Gary Philpott, Physics and Astronomy, 2011
Julian Pringle, Manufacturing Systems, 24 February 2006
Andrew Trott, Education, August 2013
Susan Watson, Medicine, 29 November 2011
Green Horizontal line

Jacqueline Evans, Education, April 2011
Lesley Jackson, Fine Art/Art History, 2005
Jayne Lee, Chemistry, 6 December 2008
Graeme Scott, Mechanical Engineering, April 2013
Agnes Shie (née Lee), Chemical Engineering, 2010
Gwilym Thomas, Education, 1988
Michael Varnam, Community Medicine/Epidem, 2006
Green Horizontal line

Jill Cutting, Eduction, 2007
Robert Frazier, History, 5 June, 2011
Colin Johnson, Agricultural Sciences, October 2009
Alison Nix, Education, 4 December 2011
Brian Towers, Education, 23 January 2009
Green Horizontal line

Michael Cane, Architecture
Peter Douglas, Education, 30 April 2010
Allan James, Geography
Alan SC Linney
Mark McCartney, Medicine, 2010
Thomas Peltier, Electrical Engineering, 2003
W Gordon Smedsrud, Occasional Student, 20 January 2004
Helen Suzman, Honorary Degree
Derwyn Thomas, Pharmacology, 15 January 2014
Peter Tyrrel, 30 September 2011
Kathleen Walker, (née Duggan), Education, 22 May 2006
Fiona Williams (née Woolfenden), Sociology, 25 September 2009
Pamela Zasada, Education
Green Horizontal line

Stephen Andrews, Local and Regional History, 14 April 2006
Chooi-Leng Ang, Information Technology
Nichola Gorton, English, November 2011
Anthony Hall, Russian, 24 February 2011
Karen Knowles, Production Engineering
Sir Charles Mackerras, Honorary Degree, 14 July 2010

For a full obituary please see The Guardian. 

Raymond Port, Education, 23 April 2009
Deborah Rogers (née Stainer), Agriculture and Food Sciences, 01 September 2010
Richard Sewter, Social Administration, 26 February 2008
Mark Smith, Biochemistry, 19 December 2010
Patrick Smith, Philosophy, December 2009
David Walker, Theology

Green Horizontal line

Frank Cunnane, Computer Science
Peter Edwards, Education, January 2013
Simon Mockett, Education, 17 September 2007
Leslie Sammons, Education, 30 November 2011
Olive Stephenson, Social Studies, 30 September 2013
Leslie Weeks, Counselling Studies
Ian White, Manufacturing and Operations Management, April 2008
Francisca Wong, Education, 27 May 2012
Green Horizontal line

Simon Beckett, Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences, 24 December 2008
Elizabeth McCartney, Education, May 2010
Alan Trevor Roberts, Construction Management, 2012
David Sharp, Mechanical Engineering, May 2006
Sheila Travis, American Studies
Anne Worrall, Primary Healthcare, 2011
Green Horizontal line

Michael Aikman
Neil Atkins, Chemistry, 29 December 2013
Edward Bailey, Social Policy and Administration, 1 April 2011
Sheila M Bannister, Combined Studies
Norma Brook, Healthcare Policy and Organisation, 31 December 2008
Helen Challener, (née Coles), Education, 31 July 2006
Simon Dew, Civil Engineering, 2008
Cedric Langton, Health Services, 1 December 2011
Shaun Mosley, Mathematics
Scott Wagland, Law, 2012
Joanne Wakeling, Geography
Green Horizontal line

Elizabeth Bailes, Genetics, 2002
Royston Bailey, Criminology, 5 February 2009
Luke Barrett, Philosophy/Psychology, 25 June 2014
Alfred Brookes, Combined Studies, 2008
Keith Buckley, Combined Studies, January 2012
Dennis Clamp, Combined Studies, Feburary 2011
Eileen Cooper, Combined Studies, 9 April 2002
James Culling, Geography, November 2012
Rosemary Fasey, Russian/Spanish
Kate Fielding, Combined Studies, 1 January 2009
Susan Gregg, Combined Studies, 2003
Robert Jones, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and Psychology, December 2012
Richard Littlewood, Mathematics
Tony Nutting, History, 22 April 2009
Derek Oliver, Highway Engineering
Kathleen Maude Shaw, Combined Studies, 17 January 2013
Peter Slaney, Combined Studies
Geoffrey Stansfield, Combined Studies, 21 September 2011
Thomas Philip Neil Wilson, Arts, January 2013
Choon Woong, Physics, 1998
Green Horizontal line

Justin Beard, Agricultural and Food Sciences, 8 May 2010
Patricia Butler, Education, 2008
Zahirul Chowdhury, Law, August 2013
Wendy Cronin, Education, October 2007
Luciana Grant, Art History, 2012
Sandra Hallam, Combined Studies, 25 June 2009
Alan Johnston, Mineral Resources Engineering, 21 September 2012
Victoria Jones, PGCE, 1996
Norman Kaye, Philosophy, 23 June, 2008
Christopher O'Brien, Urban Planning and Management, 2012
Rowan Preston, Zoology, 8 June 2008
Pat McLean, Combined Studies
Salvatore Milazzo, French, April 2012
Jennifer Sellwood, Combined Studies
Colin Smith, Combined Studies
Ginger Tomlin, Law, 9 October 2011
Edward Wakefield, Combined Studies, 19 December 2009
Eric Wilmhurst, Combined Studies, 2000
Eric Woolsey, Combined Studies
Green Horizontal line

Valerie Birch, Combined Studies 1997
David Freeman, Combined Studies, June 2011
Christine Frost (née Middlehurst), Education, 12 March 2009
John Gannon, Combined Studies, 20 January 2009
Penny Heugh, Combined Studies
Noneen Jacques, Combined Studies, 2013
Sheila Mack, Combined Studies, 2008
Gillian Martin (née Le Mottée), Public Health, 20 July 2012
Roy Paulson, Local and Regional History
Alec Raynard, Counselling Studies, 11 March 2013
Christopher Renyard, Electrical & Electronic Engineering with German, October 2007
Jennifer Seago, Economics and Econometrics, 9 February 2004
Green Horizontal line

Katherine Beckett, Human Genetics, 10 June 2013
Ennis Bosworth, Public Health, December 2009
John Cameron, Environmental Life Science, September 2004
Philip Matthew Charlesworth, Psychology
Joan Gould, Combined Studies, 8 December 2006
Jane Halliday, Biochemistry and Biomedical Physics
Shauna McGibbon, Sports Medicine, October 2008
Paul Spackman, Physics, 1998
Jane Ubhi
Green Horizontal line

Kathryn Culling, Agriculture and Food Sciences, 21 March 2011
Edric Gideon, Manufacturing Systems, 2007
Ian Hoggarth, Computer Science, 4 October 2012
Marguerite Howard, Local and Regional History
Paul McKinley, Information Technology, 14 September 2006
Daniel Williams, Education, 2 November 2011
Green Horizontal line

Richard Dunham, Engineering, 2011
Donald Ebohon, Law, 22 June 2010
Natalie Flewitt, Art History, 2007
Christopher Gibson, Politics, March 2008

Tribute to Christopher
Former University student Christopher Gibson died March 2008 of a brain tumour, aged 29. Chris graduated from the University of Nottingham July 2000 with a BA Honours Degree in Politics. He went on to study at the University of Luton where he was admitted to the Degree of Master of Science with Distinction in Internet Technologies in 2005.  Chris worked as a Systems Analyst in Leeds until the summer of 2007. 
Throughout his illness Chris remained positive and continued to pursue his passions of travel, green issues, cricket and real ale. During what was to be his final months Chris worked on the web site of Manorlands Hospice, where he attended as a day patient. The Mascot Gold Cup Charity Race held at Wetherby Race Course in April 2008 was dedicated to Chris' memory.  
Chirs will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.  
The above obituary was kindly supplied by Chris's parents Sue and Richard Gibson.

Louisa Hanson, Nursing
Daniel Haxell, Mathematics, 1 July 2006
Fatt Kwang Kew, Mechanical Engineering, 8 October 2011
Stephanie Kirby, Nursing, August 2011
Paul Richardson, Environmental Life Science, 2009
Helen Snelders, Philosophy, August 2008
Tonko Viel, Continuing Professional Development and School Imp, March 2006
Green Horizontal line
Mary Arthur, Archaeology, November 2008
Graeme Bell, Executive Version, 14 April 2011
David Culpin, Continuing Education
Wendy Edmunds, British and Irish Art, 30 October 2007
Janet Faulkner, English Studies, 24 June 2010
Anthony Howard, Hon LLD, 19 December 2010
Angus Hutchison-Brown, Computer Science, May 2008

Whilst living life to the full in Switzerland, has recently died due to a tragic accident.

Nicholas Platts, Economics
Alan Reffold, Civil Engineering, 2008
Christopher Thompson, Neuroscience, 4 September 2005
Green Horizontal line

Judith Barlow, Problem-Centred Interventions, December 2011
Roger Cotter, Law, 16 May 2011
Jane Dawson, Business Administration, 13 June 2006
Brian Jones, Local History, 1 September 2008
Green Horizontal line

Natalia Bergier, Ancient History and Archaeology, 3 September 2013 
Jamal Bidour, Business and Management, 6 July 2011
Rox Dixon, Russian, 6 December 2010
Tim Morris, Economics, 22 January 2012
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Cheryl Barnard, Education, March 2009
Anne-Gaelle Dupouy, Management, 16 September 2013
Jacqueline Emery, Medicine
Roger Hurt, Local History, 2013
Gareth Lockyer, Mechanical Engineering, February 2014
Danny Lynham, Chemistry, 30 August 2012
Frances Morris, Theological and Pastoral Studies, 2013
Lesley Nightingale (née Etches), Nursing, 26 November 2012
Paul Winstone, Theological and Pastoral Studies, 2006
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John Abnett, Civil Engineering, May 2008
Katherine Courts, French Studies, 10 March 2006
Michelle Denyer (née Rigley), Psychosocial Interventions, 2 October 2009
David Pearce, Adult Critical Care, 11 January 2010
Jacquelynne Peterson (née Hynd), Combination Studies, 7 November 2007
Mary Pratt (née Johnstone), Children's Health Care (Mental Health)
Richard Waddington, Electronic and Computer Engineering, 4 December 2009
Joanna Wright, Civil Engineering, 2006
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John Bacon, Agriculture, May 2008
Sarah Gamble, Nursing, 23 July 2010
Charles Hurt, Local History
Chetan Patel, Chemistry, August 2010
Jeremy Warren, Entrepeneurship, August 2012

Helen Applegarth, Combined STudies, 1st May 2010
Gillian Barton, Combined Studies, February 2011
Stephen Bradshaw, Counselling, 1 November 2009
William Bridges, Classics, May 2009
Rory Fraser, Oncology
Kathryn Phipps, Physiotherapy, 30 March 2008
Simon Rowley, Counselling, 15 June 2009

Michael Bristow, Education, 17 March 2008
James Bullock, Human Genetics, 20 March 2012
Victoria Johnson, Law, 5 January 2009
Alan Lyons, Institute of Work Health and Organisations, 2010
Michael Pedder, Chemistry, 2 January 2012
Christopher Puddifoot, Film Studies, 10 November 2009
Nicola Sherrington, Medicine, 13 September 2011
Sean Zeelie, Clinical Psychiatry, 13 September 2010

Abdalla Elzaidabi, Architecture, 11 October 2010
Michael Grundy, Finance, Accounting and Management, 8 September 2013 
William Lovell, Music PhD, 30 March 2014 
Philip Saravanamuttu, Industrial Economics, 2012

Patricia Thornton-Houser, Education, 2010

Richard Garner, Philosophy, 11 June 2011
Stephen James Hamilton, Music, May 2012
Robin Augustin Lo, Music, 30 July 2012
Charles Anthony Sangster, Viking Studies, April 2013
Johanna Stapleton, French and Francophone Studies, August 2010

Sheila Omuri, Economics, 28 June 2011
Stuart Tyrer, Archaeology, 10 April 2012

Adeyanju Charles-Eigbe, Education, March 2012
Emma-Louise Fletcher, Psychology, 9 May 2012
Ariel Olson, Biology, 20 April 2012

Adam Stanfield, Sociology, 9 July 2012

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