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7 May 2010
Working together to tackle burglary

The University of Nottingham is working with Police and landlords on a new crime prevention initiative to help beat burglary.

Picture of a street in Lenton, Nottingham

Extra security is being fitted to scores of properties in the Lenton area of the city, to build on recent successes in driving down burglary rates.

The last academic year saw a 59 per cent reduction in burglaries among the city’s student population, through the work of Nottinghamshire Police, The University of Nottingham and Nottingham Crime & Drug Partnership.

The latest initiative aims to continue this downward trend, with more than 100 new window alarms being fitted to scores of houses in Lenton to boost security and deter theft.

Melanie Futer, Manager, off-Campus Student Affairs for The University of Nottingham, is co-ordinating the project. She said: “We want students to stay safe and secure whilst they study at the University, and we’re keen to be as proactive as possible with crime prevention help and advice. Initiatives like this are a real tangible way to get the message across and help students to enjoy the time they spend living in the community.”

Nottingham Crime & Drugs Partnership provided the window alarms, which also act as a reminder to the students to close and lock their windows — as a third of all burglaries are through basic insecurities such as windows left open.

Inspector Anwaar Ahmed of Nottinghamshire Police, based at Canning Circus police station, said: “Partnership working has brought about a decrease in burglary of more than 50 per cent, but we must always remain vigilant. These window locks are another useful tool to deter would-be burglars.”

The latest initiative builds on an existing campaign urging students living in Lenton and other parts of the city to follow simple crime prevention advice, developed in co-operation with local police:

Safety and security advice

Make sure you don’t give burglars any chances. Before you go out:

  Blue arrow button  Close all your windows
  Blue arrow button  Make sure you lock all doors
  Blue arrow button  Put your laptop and valuables out of sight
  Blue arrow button  Close your curtains so thieves can’t look into your room
  Blue arrow button  Smart Water your valuable possessions
  Blue arrow button  See for more details

Students are offered crime prevention advice by the Police at the start of each academic year, particularly around burglary, laptop theft and personal security. Smartwater — to mark and identify property — is available free and a service called Lo-jack is also offered, to track stolen laptops. In addition more than a dozen student ambassadors are nominated to ‘champion’ crime prevention and are given training by the Police, so they can offer advice.
Nottinghamshire Police figures show that crime in the county is at its lowest since 1989.

Since 2003 crime in Nottingham City has seen dramatic falls, with crime overall down 46 per cent, theft from the person down by 53.6 per cent, theft from vehicles down 63.9 per cent and theft of vehicles down 73.5 per cent.

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