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All information is held securely on the University’s central database and will be treated confidentially and with respect in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Unless you tell us otherwise the data may be used for events programmes, alumni activities involving academic and administrative departments, fundraising programmes and for the promotion of benefits and services, which may involve an element of direct marketing. The data will not be disclosed to any external organisations, other than those acting as agents of the University. This may include organisations such as the Higher Educational Survey Agency (HESA).

If you do not wish your information to be used in this way please write to the Campaign Office or email

Full Policy:

Access to Nottingham Online is restricted to University staff, alumni and agents of the University doing work commissioned by the University (e.g. a mailing house). In using the Nottingham Online system you are agreeing to the Data Protection Statement and the terms and conditions of use below.

Data Protection Statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy and respecting the confidentiality of information which you provide when you visit our website.  At the same time, we want to try to ensure that you obtain full value from our website and from the services which you may want to receive via our website.

The University of Nottingham is registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998 (the "1998 Act"). The Data Protection Register is open to view. We uphold the relevant data protection principles and process all personally identifiable information about you ("personal data") in accordance with the 1998 Act and other relevant legislation.

Personal data which we collect about you via our website is held on and processed by computers situated at The University of Nottingham. We will retain this data for a reasonable period or for as long as the law requires.

We will not disclose any of your personal data collected via our website to any third party, other than in circumstances set out in this privacy policy and/or where you have given us written permission to do so, unless we are required to do so by law.

Our website and our computer systems have security measures in place with the aim of protecting the loss, misuse or alteration of personal data held by us.

There may be circumstances in which we will ask you to agree to us disclosing your personal data to certain third parties, or transferring it outside the United Kingdom. However, we will not do this without your permission. For example, we may ask you to agree to us transferring your personal data to countries outside the United Kingdom, including those which do not have equivalent data protection legislation to the 1998 Act. This is because some alumni are located outside the United Kingdom and the global nature of the Internet is such that making personal data available to others on our website is likely to involve the transfer of this personal data to other countries. However, before transferring your personal data in these circumstances, we will do our best to ensure that appropriate arrangements are in place to protect your privacy.

Data you enter into the Nottingham Alumni Online system will be treated confidentially and with respect and will be used by University staff, including, but not limited to, staff of the Development Office, Schools and departments, the International Office and agents contracted by the University for purposes directly related to the interests of the University and/or its alumni. The data will not be disclosed to external organisations other than those acting as agents for the University. If you choose to make your data visible to other alumni by clicking the relevant check boxes in your profile (only available once registered and logged in) then you are deemed to have consented that this data may be additionally disclosed by the University to other users of the Nottingham Alumni Online system, including disclosure to countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). This precise geographic definition is required because any information displayed on the Internet is regarded as having potential for disclosure outside the EEA, and the Data Protection Act 1998 requires that you explicitly consent to such a disclosure. If you have particular enquiries about Data Protection you are welcome to contact us.

Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website

1. The University reserves the right to change the terms and conditions. You are responsible for regularly reviewing these terms and conditions. Your continued use of the Nottingham Alumni Online system constitutes your agreement to all such terms and conditions.

2. The service is offered free to alumni, graduating students and friends of the University, solely at the Development Office's discretion and may be terminated at any time, although there is no intention to withdraw the service.

3. Please note: TheUniversityofNottinghamis not an internet service provider. In order to use Nottingham Alumni Online you must have internet access and all the software (and skills) required for email and web usage.

4. The Development Office and the University cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage due to the failure or termination of the service, although we will make reasonable efforts to let you know in advance of foreseeable service interruptions.

5. Any email name may be requested by the alumnus unless the name has already been taken, this will normally follow the form:

Any email name which could be construed as offensive or which could bring the University into disrepute may be removed.

6. Once approved confirmation of registration will be sent by the Development Office to the e-mail address you supply on registering.

7. The service is strictly for personal and non-commercial use. It is not intended as a business service (e.g. a helpdesk or ordering e-mail address) and the Development Office reserves the right to terminate the service if business use is suspected.

8. While the Development Office and the University will not make any attempt to gain access to the content of e-mails, their complete security cannot be guaranteed since email is not a secure transmission medium.

9. The Alumni Portal and the email forwarding service is provided by theUniversityofNottinghamto facilitate communication among members of the University's alumni. Certain uses are inconsistent with this purpose, including, but not limited to activities that are illegal or fraudulent, use that inaccurately implies endorsement, approval, or sponsorship by theUniversityofNottingham(or any individual member of staff at the University) and use that can be confused with official University communications. The University will deny further access to the secure portion of the website to those who engage in these or similar practices.

10. Use of addresses as the origin or reply-to address in unsolicited junk email (spam) is forbidden.

11. The deliberate sending of email infected with virus or other malicious attachments is forbidden.

12. The deliberate sending of junk or spam emails is forbidden.

13. Forums and Chats: theUniversityofNottinghamis not responsible for the content of the Forums or Chats. However the University reserves the right to reorganise or delete any postings in the forums and will monitor Chats. Anyone abusing these services will be denied access to the secure portion of the website.

14. The ‘Where are they now?' service should be used to inform fellow alumni of personal news and should not be used for commercial purposes. The Development Office reserves the right to edit or delete inappropriate entries.

15. You undertake to register for Nottingham Alumni Online using accurate and current information about yourself, including your correct name, address and any other requested. Fraudulent use or manipulation of another individuals details by posing as that individual is forbidden.

16. If you see anything on the Nottingham Alumni Online site which appears to infringe this Agreement, then please contact us to inform us of it by emailing the Alumni Relations Team.

17. If any third party site is linked to/from the Nottingham Alumni Online site, it does not mean that the University endorses, or has any responsibility for the site in question, or anything which appears on it. We are not responsible for the privacy policies of any such linked websites.

18. Your use of the Nottingham Alumni Online site is entirely at your own risk.


The University of Nottingham - Campaign & Alumni Relations Office
February 2008

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