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New Weston Gallery exhibition shines a light on local miller who was also a scientific genius

A new Weston Gallery exhibition at Nottingham Lakeside Arts explores the legacy of George Green (1793-1841), a Nottingham-born scientific genius. Over 170 years after his death, mathematical techniques invented by Green are still widely used in physics and engineering. His first essay, self-published in 1828, has been described as “one of the most important works ever written on electricity” and “the beginning of mathematical physics in England.” Yet Green died in obscurity. His essay was unknown until it was read with astonishment in 1845 by William Thomson, later Lord Kelvin, and reprinted by him a few years later......more

Nottingham alumna Mandy Payne finds success in prestigious painting competition

Mandy Payne (Fine Art, 2013) has received one of the art world’s highest accolades by being selected to exhibit in the John Moores Painting Prize 2014, described as “the Oscars of the painting world”. In addition, Mandy is in the running to win the ultimate first prize of £25,000 after being selected as one of the five shortlisted prize winners......more

New cell model to speed up development of brain tumour drugs

New research from The University of Nottingham looks set to improve screening for new cancer drugs and drug delivery systems specifically designed for children with brain tumours.

New cancer drugs are typically screened against cancer cells which are grown in culture dishes in labs (known as 2D culture) and are then compared with normal cells from animals.  However, growing the human cancer and normal human cells in small balls (known as 3D culture) has been repeatedly shown to mimic more closely the conditions in the human body. Mainstream adoption of physiological 3D models has been stalled in the past 50 years due to high price, low speed and poor reproducibility......more

Most successful Life Cycle ride finishes with a flourish and a lot of thanks

A year ago today Sam White from Newark died after a brave five-year fight against brain tumour cancer.

Sam was one of 500 UK children diagnosed with such a cancer each year and today his parents Pam and Mike and their relatives and friends are having a special day at home to remember their son. From diagnosis to his death Sam crammed his time raising awareness of the disease and living life to the full, including helping to launch Impact: The Nottingham Campaign with us......more

Alumni funding provides platform for six medals at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

“Glasgow – you were pure, dead brilliant.”

That was the summary of the 2014  Commonwealth Games from the current President of the Commonwealth Games Federation, Nottingham alumnus  HRH Prince Tunku Imran (LLB 1970)......more

Nottingham becomes first western university to partner with China's largest internet video company

China’s young creative filmmakers are being given a boost by a partnership involving The University of Nottingham.

Under the partnership with China’s online video giant, Youku Tudou, the University delivered, with the help of our Shanghai alumni, the 2014 Tudou Nottingham Creative Challenge in Shanghai on August 16th at the Tudou Video Festival......more

Rosetta and Nottingham’s role in the history of space exploration

A spacecraft made history as it went into orbit around a comet. Rosetta was the first spacecraft to meet a comet and accompany its orbit around the sun, before landing a probe on the comet’s surface.

Among those following the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosetta mission are Nottingham scientists whose pioneering research contributed to making this technically demanding flight a success......more

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