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January 2011

31 January 2011 - A new Norse saga! DNA detectives in the Viking North West
The Vikings are alive and well and living in the North West of England!  That’s the revelation in a new book on an epic research project into the genetic footprint of the Scandinavian invaders......more

31 January 2011 - Pay for performance targets do not improve patient health
Pay for performance targets set for GPs in the UK are failing to improve the health of patients with high blood pressure......more

26 January 2011 - Thermostatic mixer valves could significantly reduce the risk of scalding in children, study finds
Using a thermostatic mixer valve to control the maximum temperature of children’s bath water can significantly reduce the temperature of hot bath water and should reduce the risk of scalding, according to researchers at The University of Nottingham......more

26 January 2011 - Environment sustainability project lands students trip to the Arctic
A team of four Nottingham students have won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Arctic Circle, for their environmental sustainability entry at the npower future leader’s competition......more

25 Janaury 2011 - Fundraising dinner raises £17,000 to support mental health research
In his award winning documentary ‘Cracking Up’ he spoke candidly about his own breakdown......more
25 January 2011 - International Year of Chemistry
The International Year of Chemistry will be celebrated at the University with an exciting series of free presentations open to alumni and the wider public......more

24 January 2011 - Looking good on greens
New research suggests eating vegetables gives you a healthy tan. The study, led by Dr Ian Stephen at The University of Nottingham, showed that eating a healthy diet rich in fruit and vegetables gives you a more healthy golden glow than the sun......more

24 January 2011 - 2011 Careers E-mentoring scheme
Following the success of last year’s careers E-mentoring pilot scheme, the Centre for Career Development is now recruiting new students and alumni volunteers for this year’s project......more

24 January 2011 - Bus and tram passengers warned to keep their germs to themselves
You are six times more likely to end up at the doctors with an acute respiratory infection (ARI) if you have recently used a bus or tram — but those who use buses or trams daily might well be somewhat protected compared with more occasional users......more

21 January 2011 - Nottingham student selected for IPC Athletics World Championships
University of Nottingham student Thomas Green is on his way to New Zealand after being selected in the 40-strong Great Britain squad for the IPC World Athletics Championships taking place from 21 to 30 January 2011......more

21 January 2011 - Alumni Noticeboard
Looking for a friend? Done something you’re proud of? In the early stages of organising a reunion......more

20 January 2011 - Obesity in horses could be as high as in humans
At least one in five horses used for leisure are overweight or obese. It’s a condition which can lead to laminitis and equine metabolic syndrome......more

20 January 2011 - Nottingham to host the Warren Cup in a major exhibition of Roman artefacts
A famous Roman artefact once considered too shocking to be exhibited is coming to The University of Nottingham as part of a major new exhibition......more

19 January 2011 - Scientists bring cancer cells back under control
Scientists at The University of Nottingham have brought cancer cells back under normal control — by reactivating their cancer suppressor genes. The discovery could form a powerful new technology platform for the treatment of cancer of the breast and other cancers......more

19 January 2011 - Nottingham athletes to take on the world’s best in Turkey
Three athletes from The University of Nottingham are to compete in the 25th Winter Universiade — an event second only to the Olympics as the largest multi-discipline winter sports competition......more

18 January 2011 - ‘Most innovative research project’ award for eminate Ltd
A new healthy food product created in Nottingham has earned an innovation award for the company that developed it......more

18 January 2011 - The world’s smallest periodic table?
Scientists at The University of Nottingham have written what they believe is the world’s smallest periodic table — on the side of a human hair......more

17 January 2011 - Demand for debt advice could soar
A new report, produced by Dr John Gathergood, an economist at The University of Nottingham, warns that if independent forecasts are right and unemployment continues to rise the demand for debt advice by the middle of this year will exceed that seen at the peak of the financial crisis......more

14 January 2011 - Major collaboration unveiled on cutting-edge electronics
A major new industrial collaboration will drive forward the research and manufacturing of cutting-edge electronics at The University of Nottingham......more

13 January 2011 - Faulty ‘off-switch’ stops children with ADHD from concentrating
Brain scans of children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have shown for the first time why people affected by the condition sometimes have difficulty in concentrating......more

13 January 2011 - Treasure trove of medieval manuscripts published
The largest surviving family-owned library of medieval manuscripts in Britain can now be enjoyed by everyone thanks to the publication of a new book telling its fascinating story.....more

12 January 2011 - Varsity 2011 – are you ready?
Nottingham’s two universities will go head-to-head again to determine sporting prowess in the charity Varsity Series......more

12 January 2011 - Are accident and emergency departments a good place to die?
Patients in need of supportive and palliative care need to be given special attention in hospital emergency departments, according to new research......more

11 January 2011 - Nottingham success in ‘green campus’ world rankings
The University of Nottingham has been recognised for its green credentials, taking second place in a league table of the world’s most environmentally-friendly higher education institutions......more

11 January 2011 - A digital future for the Humanities
Colourful 3D reconstructions of ancient monuments, virtual galleries and a multi-screen ‘intelligent’ classrooms will transform teaching and research in the Humanities, thanks to a new Digital Centre at The University of Nottingham......more

10 January 2011 - Shanghai Expo presence generates new partnerships for UK university
It was a gamble to commit to being the only UK university with its own six-month presence at 2010’s World Expo in Shanghai, China, but The University of Nottingham’s Shanghai Expo venture is paying dividends......more

10 January 2011 - Alistair Campbell to support research funding into mental health
In his award winning documentary Cracking Up he spoke candidly about his own breakdown. His novel All in the Mind has also won considerable praise......more

7 January 2011 - New Year’s Honours 2011
Alumni, staff and supporters of the University have been included in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List 2011......more

7 January 2011 - Breaking down barriers in child mental health
Parents face many barriers in seeking help for their child’s mental health problems, according to new research led by experts in psychiatry at The University of Nottingham......more

6 January 2011 - New test to improve monitoring of heart attack and stroke patients
Experts in cardiovascular medicine at The University of Nottingham have won a package of benefits worth £40,000 to develop a simple test which will improve the monitoring and care of heart attack and stroke patients......more

5 January 2011 - Autistic children’s exceptional visual search skills may not translate into everyday life
It is well established in scientific studies that children with autism repeatedly outperform typically-developing children on a range of visual search skills. However, researchers have shown, for the first time, that this talent does not necessarily translate into real life situations......more

5 January 2011 - Government seeks advice of entrepreneurial professor
A special professor who describes himself as a serial entrepreneur has been asked to join a team of advisors on the Government’s new Entrepreneur’s Forum......more

4 January 2011 - Hearing Voices through art
An art exhibition that will challenge the convention of hearing voices as a negative symptom of mental illness has been launched at The University of Nottingham......more

4 January 2011 - Major staff recruitment drive at The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China
The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China (UNNC) is set to bolster its teaching staff with at least another 30 professors, associate and assistant professors, teaching fellows and technicians......more

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