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September 2011

30 September 2011 - Unravelling the uncertainties of predicting future heatwaves
As the country swelters in the grip of a late September heat-wave researchers at The University of Nottingham have warned that while Indian summers could become more common, heat-waves in the future could become even hotter......more

30 September 2011 - Big names join students, academics, business leaders and the public for series of prestigious Question Time-style events
Member of the public are invited to join TV stars, students, academics and leaders from the worlds of business and higher education for a series of Question Time-style debates hosted by The University of Nottingham......more

29 September 2011 - Science and engineering milestone for University of Nottingham Ningbo China
A new teaching and research facility at The University of Nottingham Ningbo China has marked another milestone in the history of China’s first Sino-foreign university......more

29 September 2011 - The world of virtual reality comes to Nottingham
Scientists and industrialists who live in the world of virtual reality bring their latest ideas and technologies to The University of Nottingham this week for the Joint Virtual Reality Conference (JVRC) 2011......more

28 September 2011 - University brings prestigious Lowry exhibition to the city
An exclusive exhibition of the works of LS Lowry is being held to celebrate 130 years of excellence at The University of Nottingham......more


27 September 2011 - Eight coaches appointed to improve sports performance for all at the University
The first sports coaches funded by the Vaughan Parry Williams Coaching Fund, have been announced by the University’s Department of Sport and Physical Education......more

27 September 2011 - Wyles excels but USA bow out of the Rugby Union World Cup with pride
Saracens full-back and former Nottingham RFC regular Chris Wyles (Politics 2006) scored all his sides points as the USA lost to Italy in their final group match in the Rugby Union World Cup......more

26 September 2011 -Inspiring the next generation of Britain’s African and African Caribbean communities
Eight students from The University of Nottingham have been named among Britain’s 100 most outstanding graduates in a scheme backed by London Mayor Boris Johnson.....more

26 September 2011 -Nottingham still best in UK for an MBA in corporate social responsibility, says survey
Nottingham University Business School remains the UK’s leading provider for MBAs which offer future business leaders a valuable insight into wider corporate social responsibility, according to a prestigious international survey....more
23 September 2011 - New antidepressants increase risks for the elderly
Older people taking new generation antidepressants are at more risk of dying or suffering from a range of serious health conditions including stroke, falls, fractures and epilepsy, a study involving researchers at The University of Nottingham has found....more

20 September 2011 - Out of the Fire: Students Launch Creative Writing Anthology with your support
Creative and Professional Writing  students from the University’s School of Education are immensely grateful to Alumni and Friends of the University who have provided funding this year via the Annual Fund to support the production of their own creative writing anthology over the next 4 years.....more

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20 September 2011 - Medical students utilise their skills to combat disease in Honduras
Through your donations 25 Nottingham medical students travelled to under-resourced communities in Honduras for a ten-day brigade providing free consultations and medications via mobile medical clinics....more

20 September 2011 - Literacy Project boosts school pupils' confidence
The School of English Studies Community Literacy Project gives students the opportunity to volunteer in Nottingham schools to improve the literacy levels of local children who are not achieving the minimum national standards.....more

16 September 2011 - Wyles steers the Eagles to World Cup win

Nottingham alumnus Chris Wyles played a central role in USA’s 13-6 defeat of Rugby Union World Cup debutants Russia in New Zealand......more

16 September 2011 - First winner of the Alumni Sports Auction!

Congratulations to Jeremy Weeks from Northampton who is the first successful bidder in The University of Nottingham Alumni Sports Auction......more

16 September 2011 - Breakthrough in protecting global crops from disease
A new form of resistance to fungal disease has been discovered in oilseed rape, one of the world’s most important crops, which could hold the key to developing disease resistant crops......more

15 September 2011 - University health service is the best
The University of Nottingham Health Service (UNHS), better known to its patients as Cripps Health Centre, has been named best large practice in the Nottinghamshire Local Medical Committee’s (LMC) General Practice Awards 2011......more

15 September 2011 -
New risk score spots patients at high risk of serious blood clots
A new risk prediction tool can identify patients at high risk of serious blood clots who might need preventative treatment, according to a study published on

14 September 2011 - Harmless soil-dwelling bacteria successfully kill cancer

A bacterial strain of a harmless soil-dwelling bacteria that specifically targets tumours could soon be used as a vehicle to deliver drugs in frontline cancer therapy......more

14 September 2011 -
Life changing ride comes to an end
The sight of a small sign jutting out from an empty beech will never before have meant as much to eleven intrepid cyclists as it did when the Life Cycle team from The University of Nottingham, reached Land’s End last week......more

13 September 2011 - Nottingham alumnus back from injury for Rugby Union World Cup opener
USA full-back and Nottingham alumnus Chris Wyles (Politics 2006) is said to have recovered enough from his ankle injury to take his place in the USA team which faces Russia on Thursday......more

13 September 2011 - A new nursery school for Limpopo’s toddlers

A team of Architecture students have designed and built a new nursery school for young children living in the Limpopo province of South Africa......more

13 September 2011 - ‘Lone Wolf’ extremism: a new challenge for Europe
Events in Norway recently will prove to be a watershed moment in how we approach, and seek to understand, far right groups and their ideology, according to a leading expert in far-right politics at The University of Nottingham......more

12 September 2011 -
Seeing eye to eye is key to copying, say scientists
Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but how do our brains decide when and who we should copy?......more

12 September 2011 - The rise of social media: what’s next for the world?
Social networking has integrated into almost every aspect of our global society, with the lines between the virtual and physical world becoming increasingly blurred......more

9 September 2011 - Student satisfaction on the up at Nottingham
Students at The University of Nottingham are happier than ever before with the teaching, facilities and opportunities available to them, according to the nation’s largest student satisfaction survey......more

8 September 2011 -
Love in the first degree
The Robinsons were celebrating 58 years of happy marriage, the Branfields 56, the Taylors 32, the Graysons 27 and the Woodhams just a couple of years......more

7 September 2011 -
Top 75 ranking confirms Nottingham’s global status
The University of Nottingham’s place among the world’s top 75 higher education institutions has again been confirmed in the QS World University Rankings® 2011/2012......more

7 September 2011 - Public spur on University’s charitable cycle
More than 150 people – including Nottingham South MP Lillian Greenwood – took to their bikes on Saturday, 3 September to support The University of Nottingham’s Life Cycle team in their bid to raise £200,000 for charity......more

6 September 2011 -
Delivering quality thanks to midwife teachers
Midwife teachers play a unique role in ensuring newly qualified midwives are fit for practice according to new research by The University of Nottingham’s School of Nursing, Midwifery and Physiotherapy......more

5 September 2011
- Watching sport: what kind of fan are you
Do you — can you — really love a sports team? Should we be learning from so-called bad role models instead of an impossible perfection......more

5 September 2011 - Seeing Green –University Park wins another award

University Park, the main campus at The University of Nottingham is one of the best in the country — and that’s official......more

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