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Why I volunteer

Jonathan English
(2003 BSC in Applied Biology with European Studies;
2004 MSc in Entrepreneurship in Science and Technology)

Volunteering has given me an expanded social network but it’s also resulted in me getting further work.'
Jonathan English
Go Button  About me?
I am the Director of two companies, Skeleton Production Ltd – a digital marketing agency, and Alumnus Ltd, an events management company which runs mostly London-based reunions for educational institutions all over the UK.

Go Button  What does The University of Nottingham mean to me?
My experiences at the University took up a large chunk of my formative years and its effect was two-fold. It provided great academic teaching which helped me develop my thinking ability. On the other hand the social life meant that I enjoyed myself. I feel the years at university gave me a rounded experience which has helped me get to where I am now.

Go Button  Why do I volunteer?
Although I’ve left the University my relationship is ongoing. The alumni community is a great friendship group. I strongly believe in the old adage that you only get out what you put in. Volunteering has given me an expanded social network, but it’s also resulted in me getting further work.

Go Button  How much of my time does it take up?
It depends how much time you have to contribute. Certainly the events that I’ve been involved with have been very time consuming but also very enjoyable and, as I said, I’ve got more out of them because I’ve invested more time in them in the first place.

Go Button  Why should other people think about volunteering for the University?
It’s very important to the keep the Nottingham alumni network going and it’s a lifelong association. In terms of my business interests one of my largest projects at the moment is for a client who happens to be a fellow Nottingham graduate. The main idea for one of my companies grew out of my volunteering with the University so I would definitely recommend it. There are lots of opportunities to be found in what is a global network of former students. 

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