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 6 March 2008
 Million Metre Swim boost to CBTR total

Congratulations and thank-you to the Nottinghamshire swimmers who have raised more than £14,000 for the Children’s Brain Tumour Research centre.


More than 120 people dipped their toes in the water at University Park, Beechdale, Bramcote and John Carroll swimming pools in Nottingham.


And with almost all the sponsorship money now collected, the total raised is more than £14,000 – an average of more than £100 per swimmer.

With so many children fighting a devastating battle for survival, a new and increasingly specialist clinical field of neuro-oncology has developed.  Researchers at the Children’s Brain Tumour Research Centre (CBTRC) are developing new methods of research to help find a cure whilst minimising the risk of disability.


The CBTRC aims to establish the links between paediatrics, neurosciences, oncology, imaging, pharmaceutical sciences, human development, stem-cell technology, cellular genetics and physiology.

There are over 50 experts in these fields at The University of Nottingham, all of them working towards improving our understanding of the disease and developing innovative new treatments.

Five-year survival rates in the UK have risen from 50% to 70% over the last decade. Many brain tumours remain incurable, and 60% of those who do survive often have significant disability following diagnosis and treatment.

 Girl swimming

Don’t worry if you missed out on the fundraising swim. You’ll have another chance to take part in a CBTR day which is planned for 20th September this year so watch out for further details coming soon.

People swimming Children waiting to dive

For any further information on the swim please see: and for further information on the CBTR campaign have a look at




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