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April 2008

30 April 2008 - Old galaxies stick together in the young universe
UK astronomers have developed the most sensitive infrared map of the distant universe ever produced, revealing the origins of the most massive galaxies in the cosmos......more

29 April 2008 - Production subsidies — the secret to China's success?
The secret of China's exporting success may lie in unfair production subsidies, according to new research presented at the Royal Economics Society annual conference by a team from The University of Nottingham's Globalisation and Economic Policy Centre (GEP)......more

29 April 2008 - Only two per cent of child drug trials have independent safety checks
Only two per cent of paediatric drug trials reported using independent safety monitoring committees that can help lead to the early detection of adverse drug reactions, according to a major review published in the journal Acta Paediatrica......more

28 April 2008 - Modern matron struggling to fulfil role as leader
Experts at The University of Nottingham say 'modern matrons' — with their managerial and entrepreneurial skills — are struggling to fulfil their role as leader, and this remains a major challenge in a crucially important area of healthcare......more

28 April 2008 - Keeping in good shape in old age is harder for women, study finds
Women aged 65-plus find it harder than men of the same age to preserve muscle — which probably impacts on their ability to stay as strong and fit, according to new research......more 

25 April 2008 - NanoWhat? Totally tiny technology!
The iPod Nano is a household name, and the Tata Nano — the world's least expensive production car — is set to become one......more
24 April 2008 - Holidays — a right or a privilege?

Holiday memories from childhood are often some of the strongest to remain with us into adult life......more

24 April 2008 - A golden occasion
“At my age, nostalgia becomes very important!”......more

23 April 2008 - University visits stunning settings stateside this summer
The heights of New York, a Boston bar and the beautiful and historic setting of Charlottesville, will play host to The University of Nottingham in June......more

23 April 2008 - Helen Willetts is the star of the show!
Broadcaster and meteorologist Helen Willetts will compere this year’s University of Nottingham Alumni Laureate Awards......more

22 April 2008 - Nottingham Author is honoured by his city
Alan Sillitoe, Nottingham's most famous contemporary author, is to be made an Honorary Freeman of the City of Nottingham at a special ceremony in June this year......more

22 April 2008 - Saira starts a new series . . .and a new family?
Sir Alan Sugar may be firing all and sundry in the new series of The Apprentice at the moment but one of his protégées is doing just fine thanks......more

21 April 2008 - Disappointing end to Boat Race for Nottingham alumnus
Peter Marsland, who learned his rowing at Nottingham, was on the losing side in the 2008 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race......more
21 April 2008 - Tower Bridge dinner marks a unique year for The University of Nottingham
2008 is The University of Nottingham’s diamond anniversary year......more

18 April 2008 - Back for a giggle after 25 years
A select group from the Class of 1983 returned to the University to enjoy a typical Happy Hour at 80s prices and a retro dinner......more

17 April 2008 - Care, share and make a difference, global business leader tells China students
Students in China have been told that their time, talent, energy and resources could help to make the world a better place, in an inspirational talk by a global business leader and philanthropist......more

15 April 2008 - New Theatre and its actors take festival by storm
The UK’s only student-run theatre has won a special award at the 2008 National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough......more

14 April 2008 - Fighting back against business fraud
Smaller businesses are increasingly taking action to protect themselves against business fraud, according to an internet survey run by The University of Nottingham Institute for Enterprise and Innovation (UNIEI)......more

11 April 2008 - Britain’s oldest allotments have been saved in Nottingham
The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) has announced additional funds to preserve and restore Britain’s largest and oldest surviving allotment......more

10 April 2008 - Accolade for DH Lawrence Collection
The University of Nottingham's DH Lawrence Collection is of 'outstanding international importance', according to a prestigious new award......more
9 April 2008 - Trio of alumni get jobs together!
Three midwives from Grantham who studied together at The University of Nottingham have all landed jobs in the same hospital......more

8 April 2008 - From bones to berserkers — Vikings under the spotlight
Viking experts will be gathering at The University of Nottingham to discuss the findings of latest research into the Norsemen......more

7 April 2008 - Anniversary for Economic History and History graduates
A 40th anniversary reunion dinner for anyone who graduated in Economic History and History from The University of Nottingham, is to be held next month......more

4 April 2008 - Wheels of Fortune – a talk and tour for alumni on the story of Raleigh Cycles
A fascinating dip into the history of one of Nottinghamshire’s most famous companies provides the backdrop for the next in our series of alumni Talk and Tours......more

3 April 2008 - Old boys Kick-off again this year
Nottingham University Old Boys Football Club take on the University’s first X1 once again this year in the annual battle of the fresh legs versus old heads......more

2 April 2008 - University summer schools breed success
Students from non-privileged backgrounds who attend Sutton Trust university summer schools go on to do very well in their university degrees, a new review suggests......more

1 April 2008 - The roots of human health and disease
Students on a unique new postgraduate course at The University of Nottingham will get to grips with the biggest public health challenges of the 21st century......more

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